parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Kyoto 
Comme des Garçons (2002)

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There are 64 reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Kyoto by Comme des Garçons.

Very green - cypress and vetiver, and something almost minty (not fresh but like the remnants from mint tea.) Similar vibe to Floris 1962. There's a slightly acrid undertone (teak oil?) that's not offensive but enough to make this not a go-to fragrance for relaxing. I don't really get the pine forest vibe - it lacks the warmth and sweetness (to my nose) - Mechant Loup (another Duchaufour creation, I think) does this much better. It also lacks the depth of a real outdoorsy fragrance like yatagan or cleanness of AdP Colognia Club. It's interesting and worth checking out to appreciate the creativity, but it's difficult to think of the circumstance that would make this my first choice to reach for.
Oct 1, 2020

I get incense , but it's the freshest and most gentle incense I think I've ever smelled...very delicate sense of smokiness....nice nuances of woodiness...very mild projection , but I thinks this fits the nature of this fragrance...bottled meditation/mindfullness...gets a touch resiny as it moves along...very nice...I wear this for relaxing , kicking back , enjoying the smell and listening to some deep soothing music...overall impression is sitting in a wooden sauna, sipping coffee, and smelling some fine Japanese incense...namaste...
Apr 28, 2018

The Assassin by Hsiao-Hsien Hou 2015
Pine forest by IVAN SHISHKIN 1878
Apr 4, 2018

In Kyoto's quiet, grey-green embrace, I'm a pale, drifting, spectral wisp, untethered from my scattered brain and uncomfortable human shape. I'll never be without it!
Nov 1, 2017

Wasn't initially certain about this one upon receiving it in a sampler pack of "Incense Fragrances." To me, Kyoto wears more like a straight Oriental Floral versus an Incense fragrance. Despite not being what I expected and as time wore on, I grew to adore this scent.

It's funny 'cause upon application, I essentially smell nothing, really...blank's odd. Within a few minutes, a blanket of pine forest grassy green takes over, which isn't at all my thing. Soon afterward, a combination of resins, amber, vanilla, some smoke, woody teak, etc rises...but not a lot of incense. Frankly, the wafts of smokiness managing to rise are almost offensive...ashtray like.

But the hours and hours of dry-down are my favorite development. On me, Kyoto morphs into the sweetest, subtlest resinous woody floral one might imagine. The fragrance is almost ethereal and meditative. Wafts of amber, teak, sandalwood combined with everlasting flower play for hours...some patchouli. Truly the beautifully balanced sum or combination of the parts is what works for me.

Not yet certain but this may be full-bottle worthy at a cost of approximately $95 for 50 mls (1.6 ozs).

Surprisingly, I like this fragrance a lot. In many ways, CdG Kyoto reminiscently reminds me of Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental, a fragrance I loved 'til it was discontinued (may be in reproduction).
May 10, 2016

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