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parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Carnation fragrance notes

    • red pepper, carnation, red rose, clove, jasmine

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When I tried this on, I nearly started weeping. Carnations are my mother's favorite flower - they have, over the years, become mine as well - and this perfume, this gorgeous scent, is, on me, a true carnation soliflore.

I have been dreaming of wearing a perfectly perfect, beautiful carnation fragrance for years. So elated to have finally found one.
29th April 2016
Genre: Floral

A terrifically raw and realistic carnation, reinforced with just a bit of extra clove and rounded out by very faint hints of white flowers and rose. Simple, honest, and a pleasure to wear. Utterly gender neutral, too. A palpable hit.
11th June 2014

A powerful and instant madeleine that threw me back in the huge gardening shops and greenhouses I used to spend my boring sundays in as a child with my parents (not much to do in the North-Italian countryside... and they used to like gardening). Absolutely simple, accurate, organic and natural scent, highly wearable, spicy and slightly peppery - a blasting flower heart let alone, free to express all its powerful, straightfoward concision. Highly wearable, totally unisex, as odd it may seem also much contemporary and distinctive.

26th March 2014
A minimalistic, straight forward and tremendously realistic take on carnation reinforced by a consistent dose of clove and a slightly (slightly) powdery rose note.

While carnation is surely the main note at the same time clove plays an important role. It is really well rendered and never overdone so to avoid conjuring images of dental offices, clove cigarettes, baking hams and stuff like that. It adds the right amount of body and paired with a subtle note of pimento provides an intriguing piquant vibe. Rose and other floral patterns refine the fragrance with a discreet yet essential presence.

Possibly among the most gender neutral carnation-based compositions around. Easy to wear and pretty distinctive. Very well done.
19th January 2012
Excellent fragrance!! Cloves, pepper and carnation combination "somehow" works... spicy yet does not make you feel like a walking spice cabinet. wonderful discovery for me and definitely bottle worthy... good sillage too!
11th November 2011
CDG CArnation is, literally, a very good quality reformulation of an iconic 1959 classic called..................... Tabac Original EDC. Yes, you read me correctly. I say this with all seriousness, and as a devoted lover of TO. Wear the two side by side and the similarities are stunning. CDG Carnation is TO with the carnation, cloves and pepper ramped up a bit, and TO's aldehydes attenuated. This reconfiguration follows Carnation through to a drydown that anybody familiar with TO can already imagine, except that the pepper note also common to both scents continues in Carnation to the drydown. The sillage of Carnation is (to exaggerate a little bit) just a class below weapons-grade. An unabashed liberal sprayer, even i need to apply Carnation with a careful hand. Longevity is, to understate, impressive. 10 hours on now and i still get nice whiffs from my chest (and i am wearing a knotted tie!).Honestly, there is no way i can comment on Carnation without reference to TO. So, that's the objective of this review met. Do i need the two scents in my wardrobe? Rationality says no, but the collector that i am welcomes them both. TO i have known and used for about 33 years and will always keep. Carnation is, to me, a refreshed version which i will resort to when i want the scent of TO with amped-up cloves.Carnation is a wonderful scent.
5th August 2010
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