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Comme des Garçons (2006)

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parfums*PARFUMS Guerrilla 1 by Comme des Garçons

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parfums*PARFUMS Guerrilla 1 is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Comme des Garçons

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Reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Guerrilla 1 by Comme des Garçons

There are 16 reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Guerrilla 1 by Comme des Garçons.

Beware! Guerrilla 1 is utterly disgusting on paper. I smelled the rotting contents of a trash can: putrifying fruit, hairspray, cat poop, watermelon rinds, and old cheese over a powdery base...

It's better on the skin. Guerrilla 1 smells disturbingly chemical when it goes on. The harsh synthetic fruit and burning plastic top notes are no doubt meant as a guerilla tactic or a shock effect, but could too easily be taken as ineptitude. I get no saffron or clove at this point - only a queasy overripe fruit note that I imagine is supposed to be pear.

The composition softens and becomes more conventional as it ages. The synthetic vinyl and the fruit remain up front, but they're joined by some resinous wood and powdery musk that help integrate the arrangement. By this time there are also hints of pepper and saffron that lend the heart some depth and complexity.

The drydown is extremely rapid, so that after an hour Guerrilla 1 becomes a skin scent, albeit a fairly compelling one. The burning vinyl and dry spices hold on over woods, vetiver, and a distinctly dirty musk, leaving my skin smelling as if I'd just been working hard outdoors in an urban environment, with a faint odor of burning garbage clinging to me. It's an interesting gesture, but not a particularly gratifying fragrance, and wearing it a few times for review has sated my curiosity. Needless to say, this absolutely must be tested on the skin before purchase.

It's perfume, but it's not.The notes are in there, but they're not. It's a perfume but it's not. It's abstract art perfume. But not all abstract art is good. Hence my rating.

Opening is very floral. I don't smell all the weirdness some other people smell. Then very slowly dries down to something similar to Kenzo L'eau Indigo for Him. Maybe it was revolutionary at the time but I don't get it unfortunately. And I am a huge CdG fan, so if any bias it should be in the positive direction.

This is a weird and interesting fragrance! It smells natural, but not really natural; sweet but not really sweet; floral but not really floral. It certainly smells synthetic, but not very synthetic.

At the base seems to be a metallic/plastic kind of scent, while there are sweet floral notes as well. It all comes together to produce a fragrance which is unique and modern. During the drying down phase it turns more mainstream and is very pleasant.

It is surprisingly wearable, and this is the kind of fragrance you should put on when you visit cutting edge art galleries and contemporary art exhibitions.

Wow! This is Comme des Garcons to a T: different, interesting, innovative, and not necessarily all that wearable.

I'm not a master of note-picking-out even in the best of circumstances, but this fragrance is particularly difficult to parse. Out of the bottle, the main impression is of slightly overripe fruit, in particular, banana. I believe the pear and saffron from the pyramid, but I get no clove or black pepper at all.

Over a couple of hours, Guerrilla 1 loses most of its fruit and resolves into one of CdG's clean, abstract, difficult-to-identify fragrances along the lines of the Odeurs and Artek Standard. It's pleasant enough, but I'd still suggest Standard as a better alternative in this abstract style - it gets to the point more rapidly and doesn't subject you to a pelting of soft fruit.

As Guerrilla 1 touched my skin I immediately wondered WTF was going on. A bizarre effect that smells something like a plastic bag containing overripe fruits, some flowers and the typical synthetic/resinous vibe of many of the CDG's creations. It sounds horrifying but the overall effect is at the same time odd, intriguing and compelling. The drydown occours quite soon and reveals a more "conventional fragrance" (probably not the most appropriate definition talking about Guerrilla1) that stays close to the skin with a great blend of vetiver, musk and spicy hints. In this phase Guerrilla 1 smells something like a dirty musk for lubricated and polished androids. Unique and hyper-modern.

A few considerations...

1) If you're looking for something unique, bizarre and challenging keep in mind that Comme Des Garcons is one of the very few outfits that is still able to create compositions that are at the same time weird, interesting and wearable mantaining a perfect balance between these characteristics.

2) Don't test Guerrilla 1 on paper as it's completely another scent, and a very disgusting one!

Love it!

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