Parfums des Beaux Arts Majhoun 
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

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About Parfums des Beaux Arts Majhoun by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Reviews of Parfums des Beaux Arts Majhoun by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

There are 4 reviews of Parfums des Beaux Arts Majhoun by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

An incredibly rich, exquisite fragrance of dates, honey and spices. It is my favorite of her fragrances; it's one I hope to never be without, and I can't say that about many fragrances. It's unique, also. I haven't encountered anything like it; I've tried over 600 fragrances in my journey.
Dec 3, 2012

I did not expect to like this scent. When I smelled it on paper, I said, "wow, this is a cake." Dawn confirmed that in fact it was inspired by a dessert. I tried it on my skin in a spirit of experiment, and was captivated. It wasn't smelling like cake on my skin, instead I felt around me a cloud of spices in a sweet aura. I got a sample of it and wore it next day for a night on the town, and I felt irresistible. A little bit goes a long way, but I will be looking for a bottle after finishing my sample.
Sep 21, 2010

This very unique and skillful blend is delectable from the very beginning, the discernable date, fig, and cardamom notes reminding me of the aroma of a moroccan restaurant. Unfortunately the sample that i ordered from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's website seemed to vanish into my skin before it developed and was undetectable within an hour or two. As other reviewers didn't seem to have this problem perhaps it's just my mediterranean skin. It smelled exotic and beautiful while it was there.
Dec 23, 2007

My second favorite scent! This is a dark, exotic, spicy combination that always reminds me of the middle east. Lasts all day on me and is some of the most potent stuff I've ever used, so go lightly with it:-)
Jan 31, 2006

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