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Kenzo (1993)

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Parfum d'Été by Kenzo

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Parfum d'Été is a women's perfume launched in 1993 by Kenzo

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Reviews of Parfum d'Été by Kenzo

There are 15 reviews of Parfum d'Été by Kenzo.

Parfum d'Été is a safe fragrance for a twenty-something finding her place in the world, pursuing a sense of professionalism, and wanting to carry herself with a sense of self-assuredness. It had a certain twist to it certain distinct notes that made it neither too loud nor too light. 

It starts with a pungent, almost off-putting burst of green bands, but quickly segues to a lily of the valley, rose heart very clean, sharply floral, yet watery and aqueous. It stays there for a long time until it finally dries down as sweet, musky sandalwood soap. The overall effect is like a less fruity version of the original Jessica McClintock fragrance that every 20 year old seemed to be wearing in the early 90's.

Parfum d'Été is appropriate for an accomplished career woman. Probably a busy urban dweller working in a high rise building. It performs beautifully in the heat, lasts many days on clothing. It brings to mind a sunny but cool day on a garden.

Parfum d'Été is a fresh, crisp, piercing lily of the valley, with lots of green. It's almost too piercing for me. As a white floral, LOTV is a note that if not done with a little bit of softness, it can tend to smell high-pitched and screechy. Parfum d'Été just skirts that line for me. I can wear and enjoy it a few times in the Spring when its bracing crispness is welcome, but if I wear it too much, or at the wrong time of year, it feels shrill. It definitely has a late 80s, early 90s vibe.

I prefer my LOTV's a little softer and more floral, but I still think this deserves a thumbs up.

Doe-eyed fruity pink floral, with
sour green muguet and woods.

Parfum d'été starts off quite well, with plenty of nuances, but after that it doesn't go on to explore the contrasts between the two halves.
Instead, it takes the safe route to floral cuteness, and - by dumbing down - fails to meet it's full potential.

More dissonance would have made it a more interesting perfume, in my opinion.

Breezy. Light green vibe. Faint fruitiness. Smells "clear". Spring bouquet that's blended all together, in the beginning.
Lily of the valley shines here. The other flowers remain mixed as one bunch. It's fresh, spring-like, even summery. It reminds me of the early 90's, no doubt. It's in the vein of Laura Ashley or Jessica McClintock. A Martha Stewart wannabe, would have worn this, back in the day. Jasmine becomes pronounced later, as well.
Woods move in with the flowers. It's a nice fragrance; nothing obnoxious about it.

I'm reviewing the current version, as I haven't smelled the original in twenty years.

Breezy and fresh in a very 90's way, with Lily of the Valley playing the diva, and Hyacinth and Freesia singing backup, it's in the same genre as Gucci Envy and Cristalle Eau Verte: a green floral revival. I tend to think of it as Diorissimo modulated for Generation X.

This review is for the old version. I am not familiar with the new version.

I love this green floral. The lily of the valley, the hyacinth and the rose are blend so well. It has good staying power too.

The leaf shaped bottle is beautiful. I will never understand why they changed it.

I didn't realize it had been reformulated and put in a very ordinary looking bottle. Must go in search of another of the older bottles.

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