The company say:

The fragrance aims to evoke the persuasion of utmost masculine elegance and charm.

Pardon fragrance notes

  • Head

    • magnolia
  • Heart

    • unsweetened chocolate, tonka bean, cinnamon
  • Base

    • sandalwood

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it is a beautiful patchouli, well blended with florals, perhaps a touch of cocoa to emphasize the chocolatey scents typical of some patchouli, well supported by dry woody scents (I'm not sure it's sandalwood). Whoever says they smell the oud ... has evidently never smelled the oud. Anyway, great perfume, great patchouli, rather masculine. Rather moderate projection, decent duration. Different from Psychedelique, more dark and eartly where the Jovoy is sweeter and vanillic.
13th October 2022
This fragrance is a perfect choice for patchouli enthusiasts. It offers a darker and earthier profile with captivating nuances. There is a hint of petrichor-like scent, reminiscent of the earth after rain. While there might be a presence of oud, it leans more towards the greener and earthier variety rather than the traditional oud note. One reviewer aptly described it as evoking a rainy summer day. With excellent performance, this fragrance receives a rating of 4.5/5.

I had to return to this one. My initial impression wasn't that great but I'm starting to realize that this is a solid patchouli-centric fragrance.
5th March 2022

This one has been on my shelf for about a year and has seen little usage. Not because I don't like it, on the contrary, I really like it. Today, I spray the juice and the pencil shavings and cherry cola, and the slight medicinal edge really captivate me, but what gave me cause to write this review, was that about 4 hours into dry down and Nasomatto Pardon has become an almost exact clone of the original YSL M7. I have a 1st gen bottle, so I sniffed to compare. They indeed are brothers from different mothers.
Great scent with 12 hours longevity and moderate projection and sillage.
Western oud done well.
14th September 2021
This scent has been well described elsewhere on this list. On my skin, it was so tightly blended I had some difficulty pulling out particular scents. The tended to emerge then not be there. Magic? Or my newbie nose more likely.
Smooth scent for men or women, would be great for office. I like this, but if I'm spending this much, will stick with his China White and Absinthe, both of which I wear nearly every work day. Like all his scents it has good longevity, perhaps slighty shorter than the other two above.
12th November 2020
To me this is classy, masculine and sexy all brought together in the most beautiful way.

Definitely a sensual scent perfect for a meet and greet or date night. If you want to make heads turn use this.

Everytime i smell this i can't get enough of it, its just magical juice.

Performance is great and it really excells in cooler months.

It will forever be in my collection.

22nd April 2019

Dark bitter chocolate, creamy magnolia, sweet oud, spiced flowers. Smells extremely expensive (which it is) What's not to love??

Mature and sophisticated masculine fragrance.

Pure class!!
15th January 2019
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