Parco Palladiano II fragrance notes

    • pink pepper, cypress leaf, salt, juniper berries

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Cipresso is a complete stunner, a masterpiece of a woody fragrance. Smells like a cypress forest at dusk, with the main cypress note smelling extremely realistic. There's some spice in there, some freshness, but the star player is the cypress note that lasts throughout the entire life of the fragrance. Cipresso smells extremely high end, brilliantly blended and lasts a long time. Performance is solid, excellent longevity, sillage and projection are pretty moderate, which I prefer over extremely loud fragrances).

It's fresh enough for hot weather, has enough depth and character for colder weather, and this could easily be a year round, signature scent. To me, it's far superior to Tom Ford Italian Cypress and Acqua di Parma Cipresso di Toscana. For some reason this entire Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano line is really slept on. If this was a Creed/Tom Ford/MFK release, people would be talking about it like an all time great. It's that good.
16th August 2020
A slightly salty fresh with a green undertone - this is a pleasant opening. On the bright side, it exudes more of the smooth freshness; there is little crispness or sharpness when I wear this.

In the drydown whiffs of a nonspecific woodsiness are present, and the juniper is evident. It is not overly synthetic and not bad at all. The base sees a fresh, nigh marine side returning at a stronger level.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and am excellent ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a nice spring scent that also works well for cooler summer days at the seaside. Sure, the juniper is synthetic and a touch generic - this is no Baie de Genièvre - but not overly so. Hovering at the border between neutral, the excellent performance elevates it - just - into the positive realm. 3/5

17th July 2018

Since there is no reviews, I will give my impressions of this, please take it with a grain of salt as this is a first for me.

Palladiano II is an herbal / evergreen scent with a salty / juniper twist. Sitting somewhere along the line between Granville and Costa Azzurra both of which I enjoy.
The opening is nice and promising, combining with a short lived hesperedic dash. But an aquatic note soon appears and keeps growing in intensity and soon overwhelms. I must confess I hate anything "aqua" and so the scent is a solid fail for me.
26th March 2017