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It is a bright fragrance that describes the first rays of the sun,the light at dawn and those precious minutes of quietness.The waves make peace with the clear morning light and sway in a steady rhythm,drawing lines on the surface of the sea.

Very good quality perfume.a beautiful,delicate,bright floral. Feminine and classy.this fragrance is very sunny and joyful with it's creamy jasmine and magnolia beneath.
You're the epitome of modernness and sexyness. You're an absolute delight.
Unisex?no!I can actually see this perfume as a person a tall, beautiful,garrulous dark blonde woman,with a natural busty hourglass figure,bright smile white clothes and lots of gold jewelry.

The very beginning is strong with some sour and fruity notes of grapefruit and after that it develops into a ladylike,full of sillage,aquatic floral ightly chypre fragrance.white flowers embraces its wearer like a jasmine vine with delicate divinity.
In fact the opening is very fresh,the scent wafts almost as if carrying its own breeze for a good while. The fresh watery vibe lingers on and moves into the background.the florals develop with skin warmth,sweet and white.

This EDP is done to be worn on evening go out well dressed occasions.It would be great choice for women who are classy.
Really recommend this one as it stands out from the crowd of generic summer florals,and shows itself as something more delicate and beautiful.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

14th October 2020
Quite bright in its opening set, it develops soon into a floral - magnolia with whiffs of oleander floral that develops a woodsy side further into the drydown.

Towards the base there are whites musks added in, and a slightly warmer note of an ambery quality develops toward the end, but the latter is rather weak and perfunctory.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

Quite a standard set of ingredients is used in the spring scent, and, apart from the floral part, they are a bit on the generic and pale side. Not bad, not a bit too simple and generic at. 2.75/5.

9th June 2018