The fragrance is formerly known as Psychoterratica II.

Paradisi fragrance notes

    • Pear, Rhubarb, Grapefruit, Honeysuckle, Orange, Guava, Cucumber, Pink Pepper, Magnolia, Passionflower, Tree Moss Absolute, Mushroom, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Soil

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Latest Reviews of Paradisi

I definitely get a blend of cucumber and grapefruit in the opening. I can detect a bit of rhubarb, some guava, maybe a hint of pear, and a light touch of orange in the background. If I were to describe this scent, it's a realistic juice blend of cucumber, rhubarb, and guava. It's vivid and realistic. I don't get too much of the earthiness, since the grapefruit lifts this fragrance up from the ground. This is a lovely citrus scent with slight fruity and green nuances. Someone compared this to Light Blue Forever, and I think it shares some of the effervescent grapefruit vibe, but this is more complex with cucumber and rhubarb.

The performance is moderate and decent for this type of scent. You'll likely have to reapply this scent at least once throughout the day. This is a perfect summer fragrance, but I'm afraid it'll be too light for winter and fall. If you're looking for a realistic uplifting summer scent, give this a try. If you like scents like Philosykos and Light Blue Forever Pour Homme, you'll love this one.
3rd September 2022