I imagined a fragrance that would represent the Sicilian people, a perfume in which everything is exaggerated, starting with an exaggeration of Vanilla. I wanted a fragrance that would be extra large also in sensuality, but having in it the hidden dark dangerous side of Sicily.

Palermo Don Corleone fragrance notes

    • vanilla, tuberose, tobacco

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PDC could be the Godfather scent.a strong man who has the world in his hands. imagine a mafia party,in a lounge,pipe and cigar sweet mellow aroma wafting around you as you enter.every scent seems to linger in the warm low lighting of the chandeliers, white floral dancing around the dried fruits and hints of spice arising from the silk rugs.wealthy men dance with sexy flapper girls.while the godfather sit in the leather seats,while drinking a glass of old whiskey while slowly smoking his Padron cigar,while sees that view.it is very really organic and real,almost hand-made. warm yet aloof, sweet yet earthy,clean yet deliciously dirty.sex after a shower. provocative,alluring, and narcotic.to me,it smells like cigar shop,where all the walls and floors are made of cherry wood and there are vanilla candles burning all over the shop.it does not smell like a lit cigar,or an old pipe,or an unlit cigarette,or a smokey bar...it smells like the classiest cigar shop that sells only the most coveted,high-end cigars.

The tobacco hits you first,and it is quite intense.there is not so much tobacco as to make this overwhelmingly harsh and smoky,but there is certainly enough for it's dark, herbal beauty to smolder through the warm vanilla.then the tobacco meet an elegant vanilla and sensual tuberose.there is also a detectable spicy notes that add an almost cinnamon-like characteristic to the perfume as well,which really warms up the fragrance to the point where i view it as a fall and winter perfume.in the final phase,very soft and pleased smoked tobacco,vanilla and wood cam be sensed.here the vanilla note is great. in old medicinal literature, vanilla is described as an aphrodisiac and a remedy for fevers.i so agree on the aphrodisiac part but forget about the curing of fever-if anything,wearing this will be the ultimate feverish sensuality you've experienced.it is not a sickly sweet by any means.there is a dark atmosphere in it.
11th January 2022