Pale Saint 
Filigree Parfums (2016)

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Pale Saint by Filigree Parfums

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Handmade and certified vegan.  Inspired by Pale Saints.

A true coming dream of a half life remembered. Its heart of Palo Santo is wrapped in ribbons of fine tobacco, vegetal leather and musk, and adorned with the language of flowers soaked in wine. Inspired by Pale Saints, this fragrance is a revelation of a thousand stars burst open.

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There are 1 reviews of Pale Saint by Filigree Parfums.

Dry, woody aroma to start. Slowly an orange flavor appears. Somewhat creamy, with delicate hints of carnation. Not overly powerful or strong, polite. The woodiness mellows, softens, as more floweriness rises.

Later, a beautiful mix of wine, leather, and musk emerge. Smells of honey, in a way. Subtle, smooth, warming.

The orange blossom and carnation seem to ebb and flow at times, enhancing the other notes. Never, overly flowery though. Just enough to be warm and cozy. This, is one of my favorites, by this parfumeur. Well done!

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