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Reviews of Palazzo by Fendi

There are 18 reviews of Palazzo by Fendi.

Palazzo is (was) a refined semi-oriental accord of hesperides,spicy neroli and patchouli, an elegant fragrance surely far from the great Fendi by Fendi's luxurious fur-oriented massive grandeur. Bright, sophisticated and spicy.
Dec 18, 2017

I was most surprised to find how pleasant this scent was. I had sampled Fendi's name scent (Fendi) and found it most unpleasant, so Palazzo's soft, warm, powdery orange oriental allure was quite welcome.

According to Turin, Fendi abolished all its scents in 2005 and then came back in 2007 with just one, Palazzo (4 stars). It is an homage to Piguet's classic 1950 oriental, Baghari.

The orange, neroli and lemon saturate the jasmine and rose heart with just a touch of pepper and patchouli to ground it. There is the hazelnut accord of lychee nut here, as well as vanilla and amber in the drydown. It's very, very nice and much more affordable than the Piguet. A shame it has been discontinued only eight years from its inception.

Bottles can be found on Ebay. Worth seeking out.
Dec 5, 2015


PALAZZO is a Great creation by has a special place in my heart as to me it is the smell of ROMA.i remember meeting a special friend and she was wearing this is also one of my mothers favorite.a combination of notes that are well blended and well balanced.Definitely Feminine.Elegant,Expensive, Classic,Floral,Special and Exquisite too.It smells Bewitch in a Right way.

Sweet and Fresh opening of bergamot,lemon and mandarin orange makes a great background into floral heart of rose,jasmine and orange blossom.while the base is special and soft of patchouli and gaiac wood.the scent inside sweet and warm overall but with a fresh softness.the dry down warmness gives you feeling cozy just like a slik scarf around your neck and upper sophistication.

The scent is not overpowering or loud but very subtle and soft.the bottle looks unique and stylish.i recommend it to those who love long lasting& luxurious,classy and refined perfume.Perfect for AUTUMN EVENINGS.Totally it is for any occasion if you want to feel like a lady just like her!

Sillage?Nice as arouse curiosity.

Longevity?Remarkable on my skin.

Apr 12, 2015

Genre: Woody Oriental

Palazzo is a pleasant vanillic floral oriental whose sweet, powdery foundation is balanced by a fruit-accented ylang-ylang accord. It begins life smelling aggressively synthetic, as many modern fruity floral scents do, but to its credit it smoothes out quickly into a more sophisticated texture. Palazzo's floral bouquet centers on a well-balanced blend of jasmine, rose, and tuberose, while spice notes, including saffron and cinnamon, effectively offset the sweet fruit and floral components.

Palazzo exhibits moderate sillage and projection, but it runs its course pretty quickly, ending in a sweet, soft vanillic amber drydown that while pleasant, is hardly inspiring. Palazzo has cousins in scents like Byzance, Tocade, and Jaïpur Saphir, each of which I find more compelling than the Fendi. I understand this fragrance is soon to be discontinued, and although it's nice, I will not miss it all that much.
Jun 23, 2014

Palazzo is (was) intense and thick, with caramel notes in the opening, with a red orange bringing a little bit of light. After that however, Palazzo becomes thicker and darker, with heavy roses and still a memory of the orange of the beginning. The finale is less intense, with vanilla and woods.
Too bad that it didn't sell enough and was discontinued, is the time of powerful orientals on the mainstream side maybe over?
Jul 14, 2012

Palazzo by Fendi is possibly one of the most elegant fragrances I've ever come across.

From simply glancing at the bottle, one suspects this will be a sophisticated and glamourous floral, and that is exactly what Palazzo is.

Opening with subtle citrus notes and peppery goodness, this fragrance is both bright and gentle on the skin. The heart of white florals however, really brings out the character in Palazzo.

This floral blend is rich, warm and inviting. The whole experience is rather exquisite. Palazzo has a very classic, French-feel about it which reeks of confidence and glamour.

The drydown tends to be quite musky and dense in a smokey sense. The patchouli is barely detectable here, so patchouli haters should be able to cope with Palazzo. This fragrance is bold and distinctive without being too strange for people to handle.

It's such a shame that the Fendi fragrance line has almost ceased to exist. For such an interesting and pleasant fragrance, Palazzo does not deserve to disappear from the market.

Jun 26, 2011

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