Paithani fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg essence
  • Heart

    • milk accord, rose, mat? absolute
  • Base

    • cedar essence, labdanum resin, leather, amber wood

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This has turned into my winter go-to scent. It's a creamy peppery oriental that is both very sexy and very comforting.
21st November 2019
I really enjoy this ... I could ask for more performance but then the profile may lose its fantastic balance, I get a spicey medley over a dusty incense over a leather and cedar rose, altogether it feels very classy and sexy almost, what the hell is a milk note supposed to be ? I don't get milk but maybe a slight creamyness if I'm pushed to find it. Overall this is a wonderful spicey blend, well balanced and classy, comparable to Xerjoff Ivory route but a lighter less brutal version.
2nd June 2019

Buttery sandalwood mixed with cedar and incense, topped with orange and held together with sour greens.

Remember crepes suzette? They were crepes topped with butter, sugar, and orange zest. In a way, all the elements of Paithani come together to remind me of them, but served in a damp, mulchy evergreen forest. I know this description sounds pretty silly, but it works surprisingly well. Much like its brother Agarbathi, Paithani smells a little dated, in that this sort of smoky woody incense perfume was really popular about 10 years ago, but the butter element is very 2017, so there's a modernity here as well. Thumbs up.
25th September 2017
Opens with realistic mandarin and sweet spices - it's Xmas Lite. Soon, lactones, cedar and nutmeg give the biscuity aroma of a baby's head; the texture is soft and smooth, bringing to mind the classic cashmere cliche - wrapped in a favourite sweater, eating milk cookies. The transition into the heart is lovely; a light, leather grounds the creamy texture and stops it from ever approaching cloying, without adding any heavy grit or smoke. Solid ballast from a balsamic base gives this decent staying power.
It's supposed to resemble masala chai tea and does, very well. Smooth, warm milk blended with sweet spices, sipped beneath a tree heavy with ripe mandarin oranges.
Medium-light, wears close but has decent sillage and lasts 6-7 hours, skin scent for the last three hours. Great light and pretty, unisex summer spice.
10th August 2017