Paestum Rose 
Eau d'Italie (2006)

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Paestum Rose by Eau d'Italie

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Paestum Rose is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Eau d'Italie

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Reviews of Paestum Rose by Eau d'Italie

There are 39 reviews of Paestum Rose by Eau d'Italie.

A gothic woody rose of uncertain gender, it could be worn by night creepers of all persuasions . . .

Opens as a light, spicy rose, very pleasant. The incense and woods show up later, but don't change the fundamental nature of the scent. This is an easy wear, airy and neither too sweet nor too dry. I could ask for more in the way of performance, but that might undermine its charms. I haven't decided if I need a bottle, but I'm at least thinking about it.

I must be a lone duck here, Paestrum Rose on the skin smelled like strong cumin and rose, which made an unattractive combination through and through. It was incredibly vile and nauseating and I couldn't wait for it to end.

But then I smelled the same fragrance on paper, which showcased a singular rose note with cedar/woods. Still I found the combination offsetting and hard to handle.

Around the time I started loitering around basenotes (long before I joined in 2012) Paestum Rose used to be a thing, the subject of lively discussion and recommendation usually accompanied by wishes for something longer-lasting, an EdP or just a more powerful formulation. Today it seems to have slipped from view – which is good enough reason for me to finally look it up.
And what a strange little thing it is – barely a rose at all at the start – or rather a rose nestled so deep in a bed of resins, spices and wood notes that it ceases to be the focal point. From that description one would expect something dense and heavy but it's sheer and zesty, like something tonic for the healthy mind-healthy body set. Indeed what it most reminds me of are those Japanese incense sticks which are much shorter than the norm and whose dry perfume is a light, enlivening presence in the room without demanding full occupancy rights. It's only a few hours into the wear that the rose becomes more central, comforting in the manner of woody roses and with a presence that is perceptible but discreet. Just the thing for a busy work day.

Spicy, peppery rose straight away. The spices really pop. An almost creamy osmanthus. This is a lively rose fragrance. It borders on sweet really. It doesn't take long for the rose to begin dancing with the base notes. Myrrh, incense, and wood do not overwhelm the rose - they compliment her.

Rose fades later leaving an almost dark incense-like base, with still a hint of spice. An earthy spice.

Peppery rose with a light, woody base. The rose is fresh and green, perhaps somewhat dewy. It stays away from the soliflore territory due to the embellishments. Next to the rose, there is an accord in the top and the mid phases that recalls vinegar, even brine. Paestum Rose is smart, chic and unisex with moderate sillage and duration.

Overall it's somewhat lacking in both depth and character. While nice, I find it to be limited next to stuff like La Fille de Berlin or Rossy de Palma. It also reminds me of Voleur de Roses, but the L'Artisan is more pale and interesting.


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