Pacific Lime fragrance notes

    • lime, lemon, coconut, spearmint, eucalyptus

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Latest Reviews of Pacific Lime

Put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up? That’s sure as hell what Atelier did! This is just a hot synthetic mess. The coconut combined with lime creates a discordant odor of creamy and somehow metallic limes. It smells weird, to say the least. Very Glade plug in, like a home fragrance, God I loathe those things immensely! I received two samples from this house with a purchase of other colognes that had nothing to do with Atelier or anything in their genre. It’s safe to say that I will not be searching out anything Atelier, ever. Shitty perfumes…
5th March 2023
Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime was the first thing that I got from PL. The Coconut, Spearmint and Eucalyptus kick in about 15 minutes later. Spring and Summer gem. 7/10
6th February 2020

Not my favorite of their offerings. It's lovely, but it isn't lime. And it isn't astringent like some of my favorites: Bergamot Soleil and Cedrat Enivrant come to mind. After the first 5 minutes, it's almost a direct copy of Pulp by Byredo, and like that beauty, it smells more like Papaya than citrus. To its credit, Pacific Lime is more sheer than Pulp, and would wear more easily in the heat. But Pulp is Pulp, and it doesn't need a sequel.
6th January 2020
A cheap-smelling stew of overused artificial fruit odorants, this smells like a gas station car freshener.
There's fake peach and fake strawberry and fake orange and blackcurrant and I suppose there must be lime in here because of the name. If you've been to a "nicer" truck stop with a little display of gifts, the candles there probably smell like this.
31st December 2019
Very sweet grapefruit in the opening. Maybe peach or apricot mixed in too. Leans feminine to me but smells light, pleasant and refreshing.
13th July 2019
This scent is fruity and fresh. I hate florals so I was happy to see this one is fruit without floral.

I agree with the other reviewer that it's a sweeter key lime sort of scent.

It's fresh and lasting, smelling like a clear watery fruit and not perfume-y.
10th May 2019
This smells like a niche version of Guerlain's Limon Verde (it does not smell like Creed Virgin Island Water at all). It really smells extremely similar to the Guerlain fragrance. The lime note is not really similar to Atelier Cologne's Cedrat Enivrant. It's a far sweeter key lime and in my opinion not as reminiscent of opening a freshly cut lime as in Cedrat Enivrant. The opening is basically tropical key lime-aid with a lot of sugar. As it dries down it kind of smells the same as the opening to my nose. I don't really smell any mint or eucalyptus. Projection is moderate but on the softer side while longevity is fairly good. Honestly Guerlain Limon Verde is the exact same scent for a less expensive price.

3rd February 2019