Pacific Forest 
Sonoma Scent Studio (2015)

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Sunlight filters through the trees as you walk your favorite path, enjoying the sights and scents of the earthy forest floor, the woody tree bark, and the green, sweet tree needles. This perfume features these summer forest notes married to a cozy amber base. Over 99% natural. Formulated in organic natural grain alcohol.

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Deep woods, incense lightly smoked, conifer trees and sticky sappy needles. Resinous waxy, honeyed sweetness, dusty florals and soft earth. The strange waxiness lasted well into the next morning.
Nov 9, 2020

"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep..." If you've ever visited the giant redwoods that stretch down the Pacific coast, and had the good fortune to be there in autumn just before dusk as the fog settles in, you know it to be a solemn, sacred experience - almost otherworldly. This might be the fever dream scent of such a place. It opens richly with conifer branches and sap - spruce, fir, hemlock, cedars - plus a deeply powerful labdanum that is your traveling companion for the duration. This scent resonates with resins, warm and enveloping, the unburned incense welcoming you to the temple of the forest. Dusky clove and a well-blended patchouli add depth and fullness to the woods and resins. Several hours in, autumnal amber and powdery oakmoss emerge, and the faint whiff of smoke lets you know the incense has been offered. It's a gorgeous, contemplative scent; the olfactory equivalent of meditation. Once you've been to "Pacific Forest", it will always inhabit a part of you.

As a side note, I've tried nearly every offering from Sonoma Scent Studio. I have great respect for masterful perfumer Laurie Erickson - the thought and devotion she puts into developing each perfume is evident. I find that several perfumes in her line share some DNA, and I believe it's due to slightly different combinations of labdanum, resins (esp. frankincense and benzoin, sometimes myrrh), woods (esp. sandalwoods, cedars, and vetiver), patchouli, and oakmoss. These combos often yield an amber accord in the base. Pacific Forest is in the family photo album with Forest Walk, Incense Pure, Winter Woods, Amber Incense, and Amber Noir. Sometimes distant cousins Champagne de Bois and Tabac Aurea get mentioned at the dinner table. If you like any of these unique scents, I highly encourage you to try its kin.

I have not yet tried Slumberhouse's creations, but based on descriptions of Vikt and Jeke, this scent would fit in that milieu.
Nov 7, 2016

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