Pacific Chill fragrance notes

    • Blackcurrant, coriande, ambrette seeds, basil, peppermint, orange essence, carrot seed, May Rose

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Pacific Chill is the latest summer aquatic outdoor fresh fragrance from Louis Vuitton. The essence of this scent is luscious, juicy orange fruit and light radiating rose essence. There is something that is also aquatic in nature here that seems to lift and project the orange rose signature across sunny summer breezes. That's it! I like the scent for an everyday, simple, casual wear and warm summery effect. The image of Pacific Chill put into graphic illustrated forms, would be cross cut orange halves, small pink rosebuds, and little white clouds floating across a blue summer sky with a warm emerging sunset in the distance.

The "Pacific" in the name must refer to the native orange fruit and juicy aroma that has mouth watering accuracy. I don't sense anything "chill" and I do not smell mint which is listed and I was hoping to find but if its in there is very sublimated in the overall freshness. I don't really smell a synthetic or chemically sharp note that is sometimes common to aquatic fragrances and so this one is more fruit and sunshine than cold ocean "chill". A nice casual summer scent to wear.
15th July 2023
This is very nice.
In the same artsy well-made citrus family as Afternoon Swim, Cactus Garden and California Dream, depending on your taste. The mint is perfect in complement to the citruses, a tropical vibe in tow.

A must for the summer and can be addictive.
19th June 2023

Walked by a Louis Vuitton boutique and decided to pop in and see if Pacific Chill had landed. It had. From my first sniff I loved it. Wasn’t at first sure when I tried it off a card where it was very much like a lime/orange soda, but when I put it on my skin, it clicked. A bright, fresh, fruity citrus, a combination of orange/clementine and citron. But, unlike many other orange freshies, not synthetic nor overly sweet like an orange scented detergent soap. As it dries down fleshier tropical fruits and berries come forward – although not listed as notes, I get mango, grapefruit, guava, and a good dose of blackcurrant, which designer Jacques Cavallier says was his intent. This is no doubt from the combined mid notes of apricot and rose and the base notes of fig and dates, but, make no mistake, this is not a fig-forward perfume. Much brighter, fruitier, and fresher but also, unlike many fresh scents, with a backbone. The ambrette adds a musk/ambroxan quality, which is in the DNA of a large number of Cavallier scents. And compared to other orange/citrus scents, it has very good longevity.

Jacques Cavallier says he was inspired to make this by while having a detox smoothie in LA and he wanted to create a "detoxifying cologne." I'm not sure I fully get what this supposed to mean, aside from his inclusion of carrot seed, much less if this has a detoxifying impact, but, for me, it certainly has a clean, uplifting quality.

This is a scent to wear in the spring and summer, and I can particularly see wearing it out informally on a warm evening sitting at an outdoor café or a deck somewhere. Although it
would not be out of place at a summer (non-formal) wedding. Bought it straight out after putting it on. Cheerful. Puts a smile my face.
17th May 2023