Pachuli Kozha 
Nishane (2015)

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Reviews of Pachuli Kozha by Nishane

There are 7 reviews of Pachuli Kozha by Nishane.

Dark patchouli with chocolatey, mahogany wood accents and a pinch of boozy honey. Stays very nicely balanced throughout the long wear, impressing from beginning to end. Testing on paper or a spritz on skin doesn't quite work as this fragrance's magic is in the wafts it creates during a full wear.
Feb 1, 2020

it has a bit of that Mazzolari Lui kind of vibe, more sensual and refined though. Animalic leathery patchouly.
Worn today in serious heat, it's magical rises in air condtioned ambients, not for the faint of nose!
Serious longevity, serious sillage1
I love it!
May 30, 2018

I think this is a very good scent. It is rich and smoky, yet at the same time cool and light. There is only a touch of sweetness -- the scent is never heavy or cloying. A green note, akin to celery leaf, is present. That is the artemesia. There is also an ink-and-paper note, a bit like what we see in Encre Noir. The scent is well constructed, in a sophisticated and elegant manner. Nothing in excess, and everything is well blended and handled with a deft touch. Usually, I don't care for patchouli but it is very good here: earthy, with a slight mint and mineral tone, light. The honey note is pleasant and not overdone. Dusky chamomile and dry pepper persist into the dry-down.
Now, all that being said, this is not bottle-worthy for me. Not really my style. But I think it is a marvellous scent, very well done, and I'm sure that many would appreciate it.
Aug 11, 2016

A sweet honey laced patchouli accord with undercurrents of incense and leather. Not to my taste but I can see how people would like this one.
Feb 2, 2016

This was quite the improvement from Spice Bazaar. Even staying power and sillage improved here. I know patchouli sometimes gets a bad rep, but I am a fan. The penultimate being Chanel Coromandel. This is definitely a brighter, rounder take. Very green and slightly floral. There is most certainly amber in the mix as well. Over time, fleshes out to show some bright incense, suede and a slight sweetness. Very well done! ThumbS Up!
Dec 8, 2015

Dark and slightly animalic (not too much though). The note breakdown doesn't show amber, but it's in there. This will excel in colder weather. The honey, incense and leather is blended very nicely. The notes are of good quality for sure 7/10
Nov 4, 2015

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