P.S. I Love You fragrance notes

    • Fresh Citrus, Lychee, Peony, Yellow Rose, Sparkling Riesling, Scarlet Velvet Rose, Orchid, Purple Lilies, Jasmine, Hypnotic Incense, Creamy Sandalwood, Patchouli, Golden Amber, Musk

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LOVE THIS ONE! Heartbroken when it was discontinued. Still buy it on eBay. B&B Works is missing the boat on not bringing it back because they are getting insane amounts for it on eBay!
26th November 2018
I felt the need to add my thoughts on this BBW offering because there are so few by the company that I care to even think about. I have to give this one a thumbs up because of the value and the interesting qualities of this fragrance. I have the discontinued eau de parfum (the one in the inkwell/paperweight-looking bottle). I've been selling several fragrances on ebay these days simply because my collection has gotten out of control (bye bye Coco Mademoiselle!), and this BBW fragrance keeps going in the "for sale" box....but then I end up taking it back out again and again. I don't gravitate toward it as much as my other fragrances, but each time I sniff it I'm intrigued by it. I usually prefer woodsy or "green" fragrances, with the exception being my love of jasmine and iris (mmmm...Chanel iris a la 28 la pausa!). And fruity fragrances are generally on my "absolutely not!" list. P.S. I love you is a fruity floral that blows my mind because, while I generally don't wear it out, once in a long while I enjoy spritzing a little on my wrist and sniff to lighten my mood. It's mellow, unexpectedly complex, and makes rose more interesting. Upon first spray, it's bright and cheerful. It isn't headache inducing, the dry-down is warm and sexy incense, and all the while strangely comforting. Sexy and comforting? So strange! I saw another review on another site that described the rose as winery rose, and I have to agree: there is an interesting wine note that I love (perhaps the described "sparkling riesling" note? but more of a red smell to my nose, not riesling). All-in-all, it's interesting, it's wearable, and those who like complex rose fragrances will really like this one - too bad it's discontinued!
6th February 2012

Smelled nice (in the lotion) but the BBW I was at were out of stock on the EDT and I was told it is being discontinued! If anyone loves it -you better stock up now!
26th June 2011
Beautifull scent. I love how there's a sweetness along with a crispness to this. I usually can't use Bath and Body works products for too long--the smells get to me after a while. But this is one of my favorite scents to wear.
12th April 2011