Oudh Imperial 
Henry Jacques (2010)

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Reviews of Oudh Imperial by Henry Jacques

There are 2 reviews of Oudh Imperial by Henry Jacques.

I believe I have a vintage bottle of this incredibly wonderful fragrance. This bottle was purchased in the Bay area before 2011 when Henry Jacques went exclusive with Harrods.

As the mentioned about review describes... it is a scent that need not be reapplied for days.

When first applied it holds such a powerful masculine scent of strong oud and leather. The dry down is equally as powerful with a softer masculine patchouli, amber and vanilla.
Almost animalistic with a bit of barnyard feel to it.

This scent can make your imagination go crazy. If I close my eyes I can see myself being seduced by the most gorgeous prince after he has been out riding all day. This scent is so alluring and brings out the somewhat wild side. Even as a woman I love the scent on me and get many inquiries while wearing it. OK... mostly women that are looking for the man that is wearing it!

If you own Imperial oud or have sampled it I would be very interested in sharing or even swapping samples to compare.

Double thumbs up!
Dec 8, 2016

I tried this perfume oil on a blotter at The Salon de Parfums in Harrods 4 weeks ago.

The bottle had thick black oil in it which looked like tar.

The olfactory experience was overwhelming; a very intense punch of concentrated oud that lasted on the blotter for about 12 hours followed by notes of opulent geranium & leather mixed with oud for the following 2 days. After 2-3 days the patchouli makes an appearance and lasts to this day.

All the ingredients are incredibly raw and strong so I guess that only a tiny drop of this oil is needed to perfume yourself for a few days...I look forward to trying it on my skin next time I visit this perfume paradise.

Thumbs up!
May 18, 2016

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