Oud Wood 
Tom Ford (2007)

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Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Oud Wood by Tom Ford

There are 122 reviews of Oud Wood by Tom Ford.

A little oudy. A little woody. Some spice. Pleasant and inoffensive. Oud Wood is a nice scent and something I would own and wear if it were reasonably priced. It’s not particularly idiosyncratic, but far from ordinary and carries a bit of distinction. It sits in the same general category as something like Lalique’s Hommage a’Lhomme.

Speaking of, considering that brands like Lalique churn out oud fragrances of equal or greater quality for less than half of what Oud Wood will set you back, I struggle to give Tom Ford more than tepid praise for this one. Whether or not Tom Ford fragrances deserve their asking price is, I suppose, circumstantial. For me, there are a few I would splurge for, but Oud Wood simply isn’t one of them (and not because I don’t like it). If Oud Wood were sold at Lalique prices, it could easily fit into my wardrobe as a no-brainer, easy-to-wear, office fragrance, but at over $300 for 100 ml? Yikes. That’s a no from me, dawg.

Another reason to look elsewhere for your oud fix is performance. Projection is on the intimate side for me, but it does last a good 6-8 hours. I actually enjoy its understated elegance, but it may leave some wanting.

Overall, if you are reading this review and have more disposable income or fewer inhibitions than myself, consider this review a “thumbs up” endorsement. For anyone else, use your discretion; there are cheaper options out there that scratch the same itch. For more of an Oud-centric fragrance, consider Bogart’s One Man Show Oud Edition. For a classy violet-tinged variation, the aforementioned Lalique will do nicely. A quick internet search reveals that Versace Oud Noir also gets compared to Oud Wood. I haven’t tried that one, but you get the idea.

For me, this is a neutral.

I really loved this when I was first discovering the Tom Ford line. Got a compliment while wearing this one in a lecture, which was really rare for me. After smelling more and more fragrances, I distanced myself from this fragrance and started to forget about it. It doesn't appeal to me anymore and find it boring.

In short, it's a clean oud. Not really animalic, fecal, or dirty. The cleanliness makes it feel a bit empty. Perhaps it's a bit linear for my taste. Considering Versace's Oud Noir costs a fraction of this price, I find Oud Wood a bit overpriced and overrated now.

The cleanliness makes this mass appealing. Would I pay Tom Ford prices for a clean oud? That's debatable.

Oud Wood smells like Dr. Strange, I imagine. Actually, no, scratch that. Imagine Benedict Cumberbatch's cape wrapping itself around you. It has a personality all its own, which is surprising, and it's silky smooth as well. Obviously very expensive, which is weird because it's really only a simple piece of fabric. But something about it fails to cross the uncanny valley. Magic isn't real and it's a silly conceit in the movies used for throwaway jokes and deus ex machina. But that cape is just a computer generated concept; it's the idea of a cape.

Same goes for Tom Ford's creation here: it's the idea of oud, but not the real thing. To be frank, I love it. Real oud is just too much for me. I would much rather smell like a three story Victorian house—the Sanctum Sanctorum according to the Marvel wiki—than I would like to smell like an actual barnyard. That said, I just can't get into the whole Dr. Strange story line.

Subtle and gentle spicy and woody. Rosewood and cardamom on an amber base, don't get any vanilla. Very classy, it shares a lot with the original M7 minus the cherry syrup note. Very good longevity, projestion is moderate

I had to register to Basenotes after 4 years of reading reviews... just to give my very first review, which will indeed be for Oud Wood by Tom Ford.

First of all, if you are looking for a fragrance with a real Oud smell, this one is definitely not for you. YSL M7 or Montale Black Aoud will definitely do the job. This one is very different from Oud fragrances.

Oud Wood has something difficult to explain. It requires a very small bottle that you can keep with you during the day (or night), as longevity is definitely an issue, as mentioned many times in the comments.

The ideal way of wearing Oud Wood is to spray at least 2 (if not 3 times) the fragrance in the exact same area of your body. Yes, you'll use it 3 times faster but that's the deal.
Then, you will find the better sillage you're looking for (especially at that price tag) and a projection of more than 1 meter. But even more, it will give its full oud and woody vibe that you expect from this fragrance. and get rid of the "cleaner" smell some may find in it.

I've smelled thousands of fragrances, bought at least 50 different ones. This one has something that can't be described. It leaves a mark on you, on people you meet, people you know, your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend. Having this fragrance as your signature scent is an exquisite feeling.

It's the number one question I get from colleagues, friends, dates, or one night stand "what's your fragrance?". Oud Wood has that super non-original vibe that allows you to wear it anywhere, even at the office, yet it has a signature that makes people ask what is that fragrance that filled the place in a few minutes.

I think the most important part is that you might get addicted to it, and your friends or people you meet too. Act like a rich kid and try to do 3 sprays for each area you put that fragrance to. I just bought my 4th bottle of 100ml (the lower versions are a scam, to avoid). I can't get enough of it.

It's reassuring, warm, enigmatic, deep, intriguing, spicy, yet fresh and flowery, but still very masculine.

The Oud note is extremely hidden. I kinda laughed when I got advised in a shop that all notes are around the base note that is Oud. Which is 200% false. The oud is really hidden, yet still there.

Add these 3 sprays in the exact same area, and it will unveil. Still hidden, but more here for people around you to smell it. After 3 hours it's an absolute pleasure. When dancing in a club it becomes your natural sexy and enigmatic smell. On the next morning, it becomes your trophy. Something that wipes out all good fragrance, even Bois d'Argent by Dior, even Serge Lutens ones. Oud Wood gives a real memory to the night you spent, the people you met, the places you've been.

One of my best friends bought it for her boyfriend - just because this fragrance leaves a mark, and has this incredible ability to become your body smell. Not just another fragrance that you smell on someone. something particular.

This is my very favorite fragrance of all times, and I think for life. Tom Ford definitely had to show his natural taste for elegance, and this blend shows it more than any other private blend.

Even Vanilla Tobacco, Noir de Noir, or Tuscan Leather can't compete with this addictive Oud Wood. They didn't launch the body spray, deodorant, even the soap just for the sake of it. The more you add that fragrance to you, the more it reveals its charms.

Get yourself a small bottle that can follow you in your adventures (I actually use a Hermes refillable one), and definitely give this fragrance the try it deserves.

I work in the travel industry and this smell follows me everywhere. From Asia to Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East, I always face the same question: What is your fragrance?

Addictive and unique.
Definitely worth the try.
Oud Wood is incomparable, which is why it gained such a hype.

Only one thing to remember especially for the skeptics, put 3 prays on the same area please (which might lead to 9 sprays, yes!)

This fragrance is for people who don't count. Who live their day as if it was the last. This fragrance is different, unique.

Everyone should give it a try.

Absolutely love this cologne more than any other.
Been wearing it for a couple years as my signature scent, and even after trying dozens of other fragrances, I can't find anything that I enjoy more.

It just blends so well with my skin chemistry. And yes, at this steep price point, I can understand the performance complaints. Longevity isn't the issue (at least not on me), but it's true, it doesn't have the strongest projection. You think at this price, folks should be able to smell you coming around the corner, right? I get it. Aventus is one of the greatest smelling fragrance of all-time, and has excellent projection. But herein lies the true beauty of this magical, mysterious frag: In my case, in my last couple of relationships, my girlfriends seemed to think that this was actually my body's scent or smell, and they could NOT get enough of it. "My scent" drove them crazy, to the point that they would snuggle-up with the shirt I'd been wearing when I wasn't there. That's part of the subtle beauty of this sexy fragrance - it just blends seamlessly into my body chemistry and scent, and becomes part of me. And boy does it cast a spell on the lucky ladies that get close enough to enjoy me...

Thumbs way, way up!

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