Oud Velvet Mood 
Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2013)

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Oud Velvet Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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Oud Velvet Mood is a shared scent launched in 2013 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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Reviews of Oud Velvet Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

There are 14 reviews of Oud Velvet Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

Oud Velvet Mood differs from its brethren in the Oud Moods series by virtue of a striking copahu balm note, smelling of cinnamon bark, rare metals, medicine, and sweet rubber all at once. The texture of the fragrance is balmier than Oud Cashmere Mood, which is comparatively smokier and (it has to be said) more interesting all round. But what I love about Oud Velvet Mood is that it is unafraid to present an oud oil note that is authentically Indian in profile: creamy, nutty, and very, very sheep-cheesey.

Yes, Hindi or Syoufi oud haters need not apply. It fairly explodes out of the bottle, this rudely unapologetic aroma, ripe and falling apart at the edges – and proceeds to stand there proudly, completely alone on a ledge, with no sweet rose at all to soften the blunt force trauma of it all. I happen to love the sheer unloveliness of animalic oud oil, but I will admit that to the uninitiated, there will appear to be some disturbing mind associations that come up, like oil, rubber, cheese, tires, melting plastic, and the like. In this respect, Oud Velvet Mood has a similar oud note to that of Oud Cashmere Mood – but it is perhaps easier to swallow in Oud Cashmere Mood because it comes neatly wrapped up in smoky labdanum. Here, everything else seems pared back, minimized, to allow the full glory of the oud to shine through.

Apart from the cinnamon-medicine accent from copahu balm, what's very notable in this fragrance is the use of saffron. Here the gold-metallic, dusty leather facets of saffron have been harnessed, and it adds an overall tone of brightness to the composition that brings Oud Velvet Mood further away from the dark smokiness of Oud Cashmere Oud and closer to the sunshiney, yolk-yellow smile of the original Oud. This was a surprising development, and one that I was able to confirm only by wearing it side by side with Oud Cashmere Mood and then again with the original Oud.

So, if you want an oud fragrance that is halfway between the bright, sweet, saffron-dominated original Oud and the dark, smoky, industrial Oud Cashmere Mood, then Oud Velvet Mood might be what you're looking for. Personally, though, I love the original Oud and Cashmere Mood far more than this. I'm at a loss to say why, but there it is.

Has a plastic type note in the initial spray of this one. Didn't care much for this one. $300+ really? The best one in the oud line is Satin Mood.

I like it a lot.
This features oud, and you either tolerate/like the note or else you can't stand it. It is very distinctive, and here it certainly has the quirky, bright, piercing, medicinal, rubbery, band-aid combo typical of many ouds. I find it charming once in a while.
The spices are very background, I don't get them as a distinct element.
What I appreciate is the copaiba balsam. That is a terpene, bitter, camphoraceous note which I enjoy and which works well with the oud.
Oud + turpentine in an uncompromising manner. Not an office scent, at least not your usual office. But for some, such as myself, an enjoyable scent.

I'm thinking I have Stockholm Syndrome...

I am testing this scent today, and the initial blast made me nauseous. I didn't have time to take another shower, so I ran out the door and went to work.

All the way to work, I was nervous - what would people say? Would they think I rolled in dirt and stank?

As I was working with my first client, I kept getting these "pretty" wafts of something...was it me? Was it my client? Then, the client left, and I sat there...just letting the scent envelop me. I cannot quite explain what is going on. I will get momentary slaps of something vulgar and rather rough, and then a few minutes later, I'm hit with something inexplicably pretty. What is happening!?

I have worn this for 4 hours, and it is still going strong. I still feel confused - do I stay or do I go? Do I shower, or do I wait for the next "part"? Yes. I have Stockholm Syndrome with this scent. I doubt I will wear it often, but I don't believe I can part with it either.

Another penetrating oud from MFK – velvet? this thing's clothed in the olfactory equivalent of chainmail. A dark, dry and well-spiced offering that holds you in its sleepless red-rimmed gaze; one dare not turn one's back on it for fear it would strike. Intensely woody with the spices and smoky tones cut into the mix in such a manner that they seem more like sympathetic frequencies of its rich, dense wood of ages rather than notes in their own right. Seriously butch, and probably has daddy issues, but fans of creations like Montale's Dark Aoud will likely find much to love.
It's a sledgehammer. So even though I can appreciate the blending and how it actually smells (though wildly original it ain't, there are similar ouds around), I doubt I would find many occasions to wear it.

Oud Velvet Mood is a much metallic, restrained, polished but fairly cheap Western oud-based scent presented to us by one of what I consider the most pretentious brands out there - Maison Kurkdjian. The scent starts with a dark, "velvety" in fact (but a velvet made of synthetic fabric, if you get what I mean) blend of synthetic oud, which smells basically like something halfway gasoline and rubber, then a bold note of dark spices (cinnamon and saffron, but both smelling darker than usual to me) and an odd note that smells like pure natural alcohol. As I said the oud note is totally negligible and plain in my opinion, no way comparable (actually not even similar) to real agar wood. It's just a terpenic, dry, gloomy smoked stink sitting there for hours. Still, taking the oud matter aside, the scent smells somehow distinctive and contemporary, with that particular kind of "urban glossy darkness" for the lady or the man which wants to smell a bit naughty, a bit classy, a bit "in black" but has not enough taste (or balls, for him) to pick some truly dark and daring scent. And here comes this kind of ready-made luxury which has them all – it's a bit dark, a bit sophisticated, a bit exotic, still it's really nothing of them, and once you take the facade aside, it's utter uninspired cheapness. Well anyway, it's boring but decently elegant, with an everlasting and linear persistence and a shady-smoky aftertaste, quite "chemical" too. Completely unworthy its cost.


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