Oud Touch fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange, raspberry, toffee
  • Heart

    • violet, rose, jasmine, patchouli, olibanum
  • Base

    • amber, musk, vanilla

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Just incredibly underrated.

I bought this about two years ago, it was a cheap purchase from Notino. Decided to wear it and sprayed it on like I would any other fragrance. Nope. Not a good idea.

Like any 'Oud' based fragrance, Less is best. But I didn’t know. I was overwhelmed and but it in the dark corner of my cupboard. Forgot about it until last year when I was having a clear out. Put it on and liked it.

Fast forward to the present. I put just three sprays on and I really love this, it’s up there with Acqua di Palma Oud, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Oud and Penhaligon’s Halfeti.

Everyone needs to consider this when trying out an 'Oud' fragrance as it’s very accessible and the best 'Oud fragrance' at the price point (well it was until I returned to see that the price had doubled in recent years).
13th February 2023
It's pretty much Oud Vanille (OV) but without the thick sweetness. It's still potent and strong, but it's less chaotic than OV. If you already own OV, I don't think you need to get this one. However, this one might be a bit more versatile since OV is mainly suited for clubbing or date nights.

Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on this as I already have OV, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Out Touch. I prefer my Oud fragrances to focus on the Oud, and OV's Oud is often overshadowed by the surrounding sweetness, leading to conflicting scents.
18th October 2022

Damn, son! Oud Touch is a heavy hitter—it has legs, soccer legs, with a radiance and power that requires caution when applying.

After the eye-browsing fanfare of the opening, bold and medicinal, muscled oud and rose-oxide metallic rose, the heart fades into view, butterscotch, creme brulee, raspberries, and smoldering frankincense resin.

The drydown is a more merciful musk and patchouli with trace impressions of the rose, oud, and frankincense.

THE only oud-rose combo that one would ever need.
5th March 2022
This was a purchase that hides behind the ‘I'm only human' excuse. I got caught up in rave reviews comparing it to Oud Ispahan (a perfume that, believe it or nuts, I still haven't been able to sample). I was tempted by the thought of finding a cheapie that was a keepie (‘oud' and rose are notes that are often done well by budget houses). And so I bought it blind – for the price of a couple of paperback books or a couple of days' worth of food shopping, both of which, with hindsight, would have been far better options than this dreck. I've wasted precious perfume wearing time giving this a few spins, some days apart, hoping, something somewhere would click and magically the ‘like' button in my brain would be finally triggered. I've tried one or two sprays; I've tried full-out got-to-kill-those-bugs mode, but nah! And now I see that some reviews mention a reformulation… Whether that is the case or not, I'm saddled with a bottle of this stuff, which I'm too embarrassed to even try and give away.
So what does it smell like? To me, a weak impression of an old kerosene stove sprinkled with a few stingy drops of rose water.
8th November 2020
Crazy heavy projection, sillage and longevity.

Go with only 1 spray or absolutely max 2 sprays, or you will become a walking chemical weapon. This stuff is STRONG.

I'm not a heavy, dark oud fan, so this one is not for my liking. If you DO love oud, maybe this is something you'll love.

The projection and longevity are unbelievable for the price.
26th February 2020
Quite heavy on the florals at first, so there it leans towards feminine.

A dark, aromatic oud countered with an uplifting, light incense note. The raspberry is of the synthetic type but it's very faint. Actually, this way it accompanies the florals quite well. If you're familiar with it you'll know what I mean when you smell it.

Oud Touch has quite a solid, classical backbone as well, especially for the money. You'd expect that in higher priced fragrances.

If I was into oud, this would definitely get a positive rating from me.

28th December 2019
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