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Montale (2020)

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Reviews of Oud Tobacco by Montale

There are 5 reviews of Oud Tobacco by Montale.

Positive review of a very intriguing juice. Like the previous reviews this is in no way Oud Tobacco by TF. There is sweetness from the Tonka and I pick up spices and citrus. The tobacco is not as much in the forefront as I was hoping. Behind the citrus there is oud which gives the citrus a sour edge to my nose. Overall a very nice scent that lasts about 6 hours on my skin. DO NOT PAY FULL RETAIL lol... Try before you buy... Enjoy!
Nov 9, 2021

Well this doesnt smell as I first thought it was going too.
It is a nice sweet creamy scent with some spice.
The scent does start to go darker after 3 or 4 hours. That's when I detect a leathery tobacco and this part stays noticeable for a few more hours.
Good stuff.

Overall scent 8.5-10
Performance 8-10
Sillage 8.5-10
Oct 27, 2021

Oud Tobacco is one of Montale's recent releases and is a mix of the two eponymous notes, with some citrus, spices, and sweets, which yields a sort of spicy, sharp, woody, resinous, sweet mix that's very workable and apt for cooler weather. Cumin is the main listed note that accounts for the spicy, slightly animalic quality present throughout, but the oud itself does not contribute in an animalic or medicinal way, from what I can tell, but rather supports the sort of smoky, resinous undercurrent below the cumin, tobacco, and sweet contribution of tonka. The citrus / orange blossom notes are faint, at best, as the fragrance does not seem to express them very clearly to me at any point. Rather, there's a generally well-blendedness and creaminess throughout most of the fragrance, and I imagine that the orange blossom especially helps facilitate a smoother blend.

Overall, it's a very powerful and very agreeable entry, even though it somehow reminds me slightly of designer releases (i.e. Bvlgari Man in Black, albeit with less of a V&R Spicebomb vibe) while having its own character. It's not quite as interesting as a couple releases from Mancera / Montale from about a year ago (Precious Oud and Oud Dream, respectively) but it remains impressive that their empire can churn out good releases so consistently.

In the US, Oud Tobacco is sold by Krystal Fragrance and Beverly Hills Perfumery with the standard pricing of $170 for 100ml.

7 out of 10
Oct 29, 2020

One more demonstration of Montale's sometimes random approach to declared notes. Sumac? No. I went and sniffed my jar of the stuff, just in case. Cumin? No way; I don't even need to open my spice drawer to remember what that one smells like. Tobacco? Maybe a smidge in that dark resinous base.
For the heart phase, which holds the most interest in this perfume, Oud Tobacco is a fully saturated tonka bomb with a gourmand syrupiness just this side of cloying. A little touch of citrus at the start soon evaporates. The orange blossom, here delivered in pot-of-jam mode, gives it a bit of warp. But the main statement is the interplay between the halva-rich gourmand side and that murky smear of resins that seems to thrum with an almost dangerous warmth, dimming the lights, closing the windows and drawing the curtains in this decadent Arabian boudoir.
The drydown shows some divergence – on clothing that dark, sweet heart settles nicely and softens, but on skin things seem to fall apart, with an evolution towards a rather dry, ashes-and-pepper woodiness, which would be interesting were it not for being so unadorned and basic compared to what went before. Perhaps my skin chemistry is at fault.
Oct 3, 2020

I have found Montale's fragrance names to be fairly indicative of what to expect, but this is not what I was expecting at all. Let me say this is not Montale's answer to Tom Ford's iconic Tobacco Oud. Oud Tobacco is primarily an orange blossom, tonka and cashmeran scent. It is introduced by a brief burst of fizzy, sparkling, woody sumac spice. The mid is accented by a pinch of dry tobacco leaf. As the fragrance develops, the orange blossom dominates more, drying out and taking on a leathery texture, by which point it is a skin scent. Longevity is 5 hours, with good projection for the first 2 hours. It does remind me of another release: Dolce & Gabanna's The One Eau de Parfum Intense.
Aug 24, 2020

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