Made exclusively for Osswald ZH and NYC.

Oud Stars : Malesia fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pink pepper, amyris
  • Heart

    • amber, laotian oud
  • Base

    • vanilla bean, tonka bean, labdanum

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Latest Reviews of Oud Stars : Malesia

My favorite from the Xerjoff oud line. Fairly straightforward but a well done, dark amber-oud. You get a perfect balance of woody, earthy oud, with a touch of dirtiness, against a backdrop of ambery notes and a touch of smoke. Beautiful in fall and winter, when the trees are bare and there's a chill in the air.
28th November 2021
I tried this on my wrist and went to wash my hands thinking I was smelling what I cooked some hours earlier. Reading the notes here, I understood I was wrong, it's just the pink pepper. The opening is very dry but then the fragrance goes more juicy and gives a very interesting tutti frutti feeling. Beautiful.
29th April 2020

My first attempt at trying this resulted in failure – the sample vial came unscrewed in the post and all the contents were lost except for a lingering heavenly sweet woody scent that seemed to be vying with some of my best loved ouds for gorgeousness. Of course, all I was smelling was how this perfume dried off – and that too on packaging materials not on skin.
The second attempt, when I managed to get an intact sample to try on myself, did not disappoint – packing the full complement of harmonics on top of that hypnotic, heavenly sweet wood. Here we have tannery leather, odours of fermentation, contradictory humid and dry impressions, traces of things of the body (not quite faecal just a very close and intimate smell that the mind associates with animalic warmth), plus that woody radiance. I do not linger over the other notes mentioned in the declared list because I feel this perfume really is all about the oud and woody notes.
In its opening and heart it is completely entrancing, ethereal and yet fully present, with an uplifting otherworldly quality while remaining fully recognizable. In the late drydown some of the layering gets lost in a play for power. Now the musks bulking up the odour profile become more visible as do the more synthetic woody elements as Malesia becomes louder. It is still a thing of great beauty and a must try for all who enjoy oud-based perfumes (I can't speak for the more select club of oud oil aficionados).
13th May 2019