Oud Stars : Luxor fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cardamom, leather, cinnaomon
  • Heart

    • incense, tobacco, myrrh, cedar
  • Base

    • cambidian oud, thai oud, patchouli, cypriol

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Starts out as a quality spice and light oud combination. This is soon followed by a nice incense and cedar blast. Not bad at all. The only reason why I'm giving this a neutral rating is because it smells familiar to quite a few oud fragrances I've smelled before. Very nice fragrance, just not worth the high price tag. 8/10
30th March 2022
Loud, synthetic, bro-juice. I don't understand what's happened to this brand ... it's such a shame to see. I had high hopes for this one when it was announced, but it ended up being my final purchase from the brand after I quickly sold my bottle.

This has absolutely no similarity to Creed Vintage Tabarome. That's possibly the most important takeaway from this review, in response to the comparison below.
25th November 2021

Centrally heated spice-and-dry-fruits job from Xerjoff, well-balanced as these things go, with a pulpy tobacco as the leading light. It seems reminiscent at times of the more gruff masculines of the 1980s, perhaps because of the tailored blend of the thing, where an overall rugged/suave impression seems to be the aim rather than note-riffage. A bit of leather and bitter woods upholstery holds everything in place. It's not a style that calls to me; the sweet tobacco, when infused with spice and cypriol, I find cloying. But it will likely float your boat if you enjoy that kind of thing, as the Xerjoff richness is abundantly evident.
16th April 2021
Luxor feels like a fancy cocktail in New York, with just very little spicy (cardamom and cinnamon) sugar, that goes into smoke. There's a slight faeces smell behind this to keep it interesting. Great job.
29th April 2020
Another winner from Xerjoff. I dig this because it has a great Creed Vintage Tabarome similarity, a good amount. Sadly can't get Vintage Tabarome and I'm out of my stock of it :-/ but this will replace VT. Has more going on other than the VT smell also in the opening has Alt Innsbruck cologne/aftershave smell but as it dries down you get more of the Creed Vintage Tabarome smell, it itches that VT scent I love so much but sadly out of. Great fragrance I highly recommend to anyone who like Vintage not Uber close to VT but enough that I am pleased when missing one of my all-time fragrances :-/ and also Alt Innsbruck aftershave/cologne scent a little bit.

Tremendously Enjoy this, thank you my friend ;•] who sent me this to try! Have more on the way!
22nd February 2020