Oud Stars : Fars fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lavender, cade
  • Heart

    • egyptian geranium, jasmine absolute, atlas cedarwood
  • Base

    • amber, sandalwood, patchouli, haitian vetiver, indian nagarmotha, oud

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A fruitchouli that's unlike any other thanks the the unusual use of oud they added to it. Than the rose comes in, with shy manners. Beautiful.
28th April 2020
Agree with Sniffers review!

Very fond of this one as I am with the other Xerjoff frags! Has a great lavender similar to Acqua di Parma - Lavanda Tonica! With Oud, Jasmine Sambac, touch of Patchouli,cedar, and more...very nice. Reading the notes on this one, I took a chance on it... on the reads I didn't think I'd like this at ALL... but was shocked and indeed a great fragrance. Of all the Xerjoff fragrances seeing the ingredients/notes I thought oh boy... this will be the Xerjoff I hate or dislike... was I shocked! Love it somehow it just all goes together perfectly.

23rd February 2020

awesome combo...East meets West...fougerish lavender/vetiver sitting on some flowery/resiny oud...very elegant flowers...like a classic aromatic cologne with a touch of oud in it...very pleasant to my nose...kinda like Sagamore with some oud...projects nicely...nice quality and blending....gets really nicely woody/resiny/ambery in it's final phases...bottle worthy to me IMHO...the oud just ever so slightly touches a faint barnyard effect at times...
7th April 2019
I love this strong masculine arabian fragrance which has good longevity.

Thumbs up!
15th February 2019
I really like this...REALLY like this.

Not on me (yet!), but on my beloved husband. It really works on him, and therefore, it works for me...really works for me.

This stays in the wardrobe.

I love the cade, the jasmine and geranium, and was very excited to be able to pick out the Haitian Vetiver! I love the pure stuff, and know it well! The type of oud used is new to me, and I like it. This is the first Xerjoff I've tried that I really liked. The mixture of resinous with floral is really nice, and somehow works on my husband.
21st July 2016
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