Oud Stars : Ceylon fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, jasmine, honey
  • Heart

    • black tea, oud, sandalwood
  • Base

    • vanilla, ambergris, musk

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Did a perfect review on this, what was on my mind about this fragrance was summed up by that review. This is soooo friggin' good in my top five Xerjoff. It is intoxicating it is Assam Oud it is honey,Benzoin
Labdanum,possibly a touch of some Galbanum. Now... that said I love oud on its own and it mixed with other notes ingredients. Depending on mood. This hits all those spots. The oud in Ceylon is a sweaty horse and saddle with hay and figs. Barnyardy this oud... I love oud! This type of oud on its own most people wouldn't like it,those who aren't into oud or never tried oud. But I can see this oud being loved by a lot of people because being mixed with the notes I listed above. I can picture the oud turning some off but still intrigued and addicted by this oud and vanillic,honeyed vibe & keep coming back to this addicting fragrance. It's like one of those bad smells that you don't like but kinda do in a way. But keep wanting to smell it, if that makes sense.But me I love it ALL! you got this great Assam oud mixed with a Gourmand touch. Wife hates Oud lol but she digs this one. I don't care if I need to take out a mortgage for more of this. I'm getting a few bottles more. If this is ever discontinued I will start a riot... lol love it. Great...Great.... Job Xerjoff
20th February 2020
The bad news is that this is good, intoxicatingly so. Bad news because this a perfume priced for the filthy rich.
If you're still reading, here's what it's like.
Ceylon is a dusky and caressing, musky oud, with an enrapturing, oozy utmost tender sweetness (quite unlike the syrupy horror that is Al-Khatt which shares the honey note in the Oud Stars collection) reminiscent of noble rot in a rare sélection de grains nobles bottle with hints of the wine cellar in which it lay maturing. Yet there is nothing dingy or dark about Ceylon, instead it glows gently from within, the softest, honeyed, misted light. Yes, the oud is somewhat leathery and animalic, but is so harmoniously integrated that it is worth a try even for people afraid of such things. Somehow, I can't help thinking this is what Auphorie were aiming for with their now-vaulted Musk Oud Maharaja: the similarities are striking, but Ceylon is the more multi-dimensional creation, the one that makes me want to lie back and dream.
However, perceptions are a funny thing. While I was drifting off to my own little scented paradise, thinking this is as mellow as a welcoming hearth, in walked my beloved, who after a dramatic about-to-faint buckling of the knees declared that the perfume I was wearing had smacked him in the face – “paff”.

18th April 2019