Oud Stars : Alexandria Orientale fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Green Apple, Basil, Incense, Leather
  • Heart

    • Italian Orris Root, Bulgarian Rose, Coriander, Virginian Cedarwood
  • Base

    • Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Tobacco Leaf, Oud, Madagascar Vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Oud Stars : Alexandria Orientale

There's a lot going on with Alexandria Orientale. At first sniff I got a fresh feel, and all of a sudden the oud kicked in with a force. The other wood notes follow very quickly with the amber and vanilla background. The good thing is I get every not listed in this one. This one is really a roller coaster. I think the leather in this one disrupts the fragrance. Not a bad fragrance, but I don't see myself owning a bottle. More suited for cooler weather. 7/10
5th May 2023
Beautiful dark and cosy flanker to the original with the lavander dialled right down and in its place brown and rustic notes have been incorporated. I get a real autumnal vibe from Orientale, brown decaying leaves, the pinch of the frosty air and warming vanilla laced drinks, maybe a tiny hint of toffee apple and a leather chesterfield all playing second fiddle to a powerful fumey oud. Excellent performance that doesn't scream or fill a room but if someone is in your space they will certainly smell you for many hours, obviously more sprays could achieve a bigger impact but that would be risky with a scent that plays a seductive game perfectly.
30th June 2020