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Oud Stars : Alexandria Imperiale fragrance notes

  • Head

    • rose, lavender, cardamom
  • Heart

    • cedarwood, leather, sage, marjoram, orris, cypriol
  • Base

    • amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, cambodian oud, laos oud, bangladeshi oud, indian oud

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Alexandria II vs. Alexandria Imperiale....
I could not wait to rip open the package and spray this fragrance. Yes, like you may have heard...you will notice similarities to Alexandria II upon first spray. The differences were quite apparent however, I find that Alexandria Imperiale has significantly more deep-wooody nuances and it has less of that sharp spiciness present in Alex II. Alexandria Imperiale opens oily then quickly turns balmy and charred. I have to dig hard for florals in Alexandria Imperiale. There is this thick and mildly- musky-sweetness (vanilla?) enveloping a pungent and smooth-spicy-rose- oud juxtaposition. There is a lot going on here! It's not animalic or barnyard but the oud is much more pronounced, "raw".....and easily identifiable. It evolves and transforms whereas with Alexandria II, what you see is what you get for the next 16-24 hours after application! Make no mistake about it, Alexandria Imp..is still a strong fragrance with great projection and all day longevity but it is more intimate, overall smoother, more opulent, warm, and softens as it dries down. For serious fans of Alexandria II (like myself), I say you will find this scent is also worthy of your money and while there are similarities, the differences are substantial enough that you will still want to keep Alexandria II. Get your wallet ready and treat yourself to Alexandria Imperiale...
2nd June 2022
Deep, woody, multi-faceted potion full of character and thoughtful blending - Alexandria Imperiale, as expected, comes across as thick and aromatic, loaded with notes and aiming to envelope the senses and the mind. Smells very similar at times to its Oud Star sibling, Alexandria II, but it doesn't stay linear unlike that fragrance.

Oud is rich, smoky, and quite present, thanks to FOUR varieties from all over Asia. Cedar fills out this quad agarwood team, with lavender and the various spices (notably, the sage and the atypical marjoram) plus leather do well to give Alexandria Imperiale a most aggressive flair. Cypriol is a welcome shiny touch in this monster, and overall Alexandria Imperiale does well to say several things at once, but doing so with sophistication and pride all the same.

GREAT member of the Oud Stars collection, highly recommended. :-)
13th February 2019