Oud Stars : Alexandria II 
Xerjoff (2012)

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Reviews of Oud Stars : Alexandria II by Xerjoff

There are 6 reviews of Oud Stars : Alexandria II by Xerjoff.

A beautifully dry and spicy oud fragrance, that would suit women and men of all ages alike. Classy. Sillage and longevity are good.
Oct 26, 2021

Very fun and nice scent...

Blasts off with intense cinnamon and lavender...whatever oud is in it is quite subdued. While it's called an "Oud Star" it's sure not very oud-y.
Nothing overly earthy or confronting to wear here. I guess the oud sort of tempers the spices and makes it a bit woody.

Lasts well and be careful- it's probably kind of loud scent for a couple of hours.

Seems a bit to me like a very potent niche version of YSL La Nuit. Not that it really smells just like La Nuit, but it has that same sort "oh so sweet and really pretty" vibe. But still manly scent.

A good casual or romantic scent. Would be too weird at work for me.
Sep 8, 2021

It's a good fragrance, and very well blended, but the wow factor is not there for me. I can certainly see why it's so popular though :)
Apr 7, 2020


Pretty much sums up Alexandria II
This is an AMAZING Attar/Extrait & EdP...I have both and I prefer the Alexandria II Attar/Extrait! The EdP is great too either or is good. But I prefer the Attar/Extrait version better, more pronounced and depth of ingredients,notes. Nice & rich!

Another great Xerjoff! :•o
Jan 26, 2020

A lavender-heavy, semi-oud experience from Xerjoff.

Alexandria II is a moderate projection EdP which leans in the woody-spice direction, with a light presence of agarwood in the midst of a storm of cinnamon, nice rosewood, and slight sweetness from vanilla in the base. Apple adds a fruity pungency that brightens this beast up. Musk is quite evident, a definite sexy touch to this hyper-long-lasting potion.

Really pleasant and surprisingly not noxiously loud.
Feb 6, 2019

Putting the bomb into bombast, Alexandria II’s opening is so loud and diffusive it will make you want to sit down and rest your punched hooter. Here are hugely diffusive musked-up florals – soapy rose amplified to a flood of suds and fresh lavender of a solar brightness –, a storm cloud of cinnamon, a stream of treacly amber, all backed by smooth, powdery woods. While other Oud Star offerings have a similar will to power – any more than one spray of Gao and you’re harming the environment – this has a decked-out, blinged-up, look at me character to it which is frank, OTT and not for snobs.
Alexandria’s smile reveals two rows of gold caps and wafts a month’s supply of mouth freshener. The essence of this perfume in its first few hours is its turbo-charged lavender played off against an almost toxic dose of cinnamon, a battle royale conducted under layers and layers of transparent laundry musks so thick, they are panes of ice.
However, once this phase is passed, Alexandria goes the way of Atlantis – major subsidence. The whole thing deflates, projection drops and now what emerges is a dry and spicy take on oud that one can encounter in almost every budget-friendly Arabic or Middle East-oriented house’s offerings. Not special – we wuz robbed.
Oct 2, 2018

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