Oud Stars : Al-Khatt 
Xerjoff (2012)

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Oud Stars : Al-Khatt by Xerjoff

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Oud Stars : Al-Khatt is a shared scent launched in 2012 by Xerjoff

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Reviews of Oud Stars : Al-Khatt by Xerjoff

There are 16 reviews of Oud Stars : Al-Khatt by Xerjoff.

Immediately after spraying I got the usual artificial candy-like tutti frutti smell of this line. Very fast, soap was added to it, with some kind of incense hiding behind. Then it became disgusting. A putrid diarrhea smell. It softened to something very animalistic, which stays on and on and on. Is it the cashmeran I'm not enough familiar with? Or white pepper? Game meat cooking? I don't know why; I wouldn't wear it, but it's special and different enough for me to give it a positive rating.

Another great Xerjoff!!! I know the floral note can be dark and off-putting to some but I quite like this stuff!
The grapefruit notes I smell also as Xaterian Stormrage describes I get as well, reminds me a tiny bit of the Annick Goutal citrus/grapefruit smell. The oudy, incense maybe Elemi,frankincense Smelling to my nose is very good. I do only wish the creaminess was turned up a notch but nevertheless another Five-Star fragrance IMHO. A great job here,very satisfying smelling this on me through out the day, longevity, silage are fine. Will keep this in my collection as well as the other 98% of the Xerjoff's I tried & have. Thumbs Up!


Wonderful opening. Xerjoff got this right, you better believe it. Jasmine-floral softness combined with sweet natural vanilla. Also, nice bergamont-grapefruit tartness and creamy sweetness to add to the equation. You quickly get some incense-smokiness from the base, perhaps an oud of unknown origin to me? Light synthetic wood (cashmeran) adds a dark solid base to the sweetness of the overall scent.

As it reaches its second stage, the sweetness takes over the dark-floral elements and it becomes a bit much to my nose. Nothing overwhelming but a bit linear. For me, who likes sweeter scents, I have no issue.

The ingredients here are finally made and this is very good juice: expensive though, Xerjoff doesn't come cheap. However, this stuff lasts quite awhile and the projection is...pretty good (slightly above average), which is almost universally the case from this line. A good spring/summer nighttime scent, although light and sweet there is a sensuality here that underlies everything else. Worth a full-bottle purchase.


Really arabic in conceptuality and hard to describe. A intricated musky accord of light smoke, creamy jasmine, secret ripe fruits, hesperides, woodsy resins and voluptuous vanilla, overall surrounded by a typically oriental freshly spacious musky-oudish-saffrony aura. Finally warmer, I detect in it hints of yummy creams and piquant spices. A Xerjoff's appointment for luxuriant ambiences at Imperial Palace, mysterious receptions and lascivious nights of seduction.

Whew!! A thick one, this...

Al-Khatt is a worthy member of the "Oud Stars" collection by Xerjoff. It is a beastly indolic smoky oud experience that is an acquired taste (not for everyone), and it is a bad candidate for blind buys at any price or size.

Down-home dirty agarwood expression that is caressed by jasmine sambac and sweet touches of benzoin and vanilla, earthy dressing of oakmoss, and smooth cashmeran cuts the intensity of the "barnyard" oud vibe a bit.

For anyone who likes their oud messy and strong!

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