Oud Shamash  
The Different Company (2011)

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Reviews of Oud Shamash by The Different Company

There are 13 reviews of Oud Shamash by The Different Company.

This isn't merely a physically sexy scent,it suggests a deeper sort of eros,like falling in love on an arid summer night under the stars.a delicious dry oud.it's not a medicinal oud,nor does it smell like a high quality oud oil.what it does smell like is agarwood chips.the wood chips have a very complex aroma of wood,resin,and a funky fruit aroma.this scents richly woody, decency defying spicy temper that touches all the right spots.and all done without too much noise.

The first sprays are spicy,sweet, dried fruits and a little rum. when the liquid dries,the scent slowly makes the transition into rose,oud accord.there are alluring light wafts of the balsamic amber in the air.there is gourmand spiciness to it yet, fresh; a little powdery from the vanilla and saffron. later the patchouli comes forth strong giving it a spicy powdery feel... kind of a cinnamon/ sweet spice. just nice scent,nothing a masterpiece.
Jul 22, 2021

This opens with a blinding rush of fruit alcohol that acts as an assault to have your mind blanched for the symphony that follows. A clean landscape of a planed sheet of hardwood. Cracked Pink Pepper and chipped Cinnamon bark is smashed on to the surface. At this stage my first impression is slivers of Gucci Pour Homme 1.
I bring my eyes down to the surface and stare along the plane and sense the Rose beckoning across the Universe along that line. My second impression is that of Chanel No.18.
Deep down is central point of wood varnishes layered, which are to my sense the whispers of the Laotian.
Oh Yes. A light envelope of Saffron surrounds it all to add a quiet sensualness.
This is a presentation of Oud perfume that follows the same line as MFK and further Fragrance du Bois.
With an abstract feel of the Chanel 18.
Ultimately this fades reminiscent of the Tolu resin in Woodcut.
I may have to have some of this.

As I have been wearing this, I keep thinking, this structure I have felt before.
Sure enough, Copal Azur. Bertrand Duchaufour.
Jul 11, 2017

Puberty by Edvard Munch
Jun 14, 2017

First impression a typical oud or agar wood note, followed by a rather generic oriental base which I have encountered umpteen times before. Nothing new or original here.
Dec 19, 2016

The opening is absolutely dazzling. Best pink pepper note I've experienced paired with saffron and davana. Slightly boozy as well. It really is sublime. Then oud tags along, and the result is a kind of yeasty sweet-sour accord with a trace of rose. Slightly overwhelming and not excusing itself for it. The pink pepper disappears for a while in this phase, only to return a little later with some other woodsy notes (still a distinct oud scent) and spiciness.

A very different fragrance, that's for sure. I think it's thick, strong, complex and makes for an impressive scent overall, but I can't see myself wearing this in day to day life. Still recommended to experience.
Oct 27, 2016

Oud Shamash’s top spins me – such a barrage of perfectly synchronized notes with the most gorgeous pink pepper I’ve ever smelled (and I say that as someone who can take or leave pepper notes) and rich, fruity, sweet, rummy davana playing the starring roles.
With the pepper quickly fading, the davana and ambery/incensy labdanum with a touch of blackberries heart accord is perhaps borrowed from Jubilation XXV but here the backing mélange of spices, dried herbs and resins is much more complex and would not have found much favour with my nose had it not been handled with the light, sure touch that is at play here.
Oud Shamash wears like a dream – perhaps not powerful enough for some, but certainly not overpowering: just right in my book.
It’s anyone’s guess why the oud is given such prominent billing, it’s a shy partner in the mix and it’s unlikely the composition would have been improved significantly had it been bolder.
Shamash is smashing on its own terms, though if it came to a punch up between it and Jubilation I’d choose the latter which is just far smoother and more comforting.
Aug 19, 2016

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