Oud Picante fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg
  • Heart

    • wild Borneo oud oil, carrot seed, spikenard, tobacco, coffee
  • Base

    • opoponax, Bengal sandalwood, muhuhu, costus, fossil amber, labdanum

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This is what i imagine a of a gothic adventure like walking in some dark winter forest and reading a mesmerizing story, passionate, complex and thrilling of The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. To read her is to become giddy as if spinning through the mind of time, to become lightheaded as if our blood is slowly being drained away. Extra dark, rich and masculine scent. This is not a fragrance for sensible square people. Their cynicism will shut it down as just too much for them. An awesome fragrance.

It opens with a strong warm agarwood note brilliantly note supported by a pungent cumin. As time passes the hot spicy elements become more prominent and so does the cinnamon. Oud Picante shifts further into the dark side becoming even smokier, drier, deeper, sweeter as the unique aromatic facets of oud seem to culminate during the equally well blended dry down. The animalic vibe of oud, and the persistent sweet&spicy undertones are tamed by the mild resinous aroma of amber, not stinky-skanky in your face. Heavenly dry down. The coffe is not very pronounced here like Oud Luwak. A work of art.

6th June 2021
Oud Piccante calls a very specific image to mind, or at least, it does to mine. Imagine a small, country cottage in the West of Ireland, one of those whitewashed hovels left over from the Famine days clinging to the edge of a rundown fishing village. The cottage is inhabited by an Irish bachelor, a miserable Flann O' Brien character whose Mammy never prepared him for a life of looking after himself. Inside the cottage, his hairy fisherman's sweater – never washed – hangs over the lone chair, absorbing and also exuding decades of soot, the sweaty miasma of old lamb grease, and the yellow grime of nicotine.

One sniff of Oud Piccante and I am instantaneously looped back to my paternal grandfather's claustrophobically small, grimy terrace house, which smelled like this. These smells make me anxious because they are the signal bearers of neglect. This is the smell of a house inhabited by an older male, once the female has shuffled off the mortal coil, leaving him alone to fend for himself. And old Irish men don't tend to do well alone. Oud Piccante makes me feel sad, and this is hardly an auspicious start.

Where Russian Oud is sweet, and Oud Zen is nutty-smoky (neutral), Oud Piccante is savory. The astringent meatiness of the castoreum, tobacco, oud, and metallic clove/cinnamon accord makes me think of a fat steak encrusted with peppercorns hitting the sizzling lamb fat in a pan, the pungency of its Maillard reaction mingling with centuries of soot and yellow tobacco stains emanating from the greasy walls. There is a sourness here, too, which makes me think the bachelor mixed up asafetida or something pickled with the rest of the spices by accident. This is a kitchen spice rack oud, saline and metallic, peppered and lamb-fatted. The alpha to Russian Oud's beta.

Later on, this central “peppered steak” accord gets wrapped up in a buttery, sweet labdanum; I like this part of the scent much better than the opening, but I also recognize that it could be perceived as a weakness by other people take their oudiness straight up, cut free of any oriental bits and bobs, like amber or vanilla. But for me, it's a relief, like moving on swiftly from a macho-spiced, half raw plate of entrails to dessert, which, mercifully, seems to have been bought in.

To summarize, Oud Piccante is a sour-savory take on oud that, for me, strays too far into “old man” leather territory and seems to trigger a bad set of memories. The castoreum contributes tobacco, but it also contributes a tannic, astringent “over-brewed tea” accord that when combined with the saltwater taffy of labdanum smells very much like Ambre Loup by Rania J, which I grew to dislike quite intensely. Yes, I know, I am the sole aberration in the almost mass adoration for Ambre Loup. It's clearly me, and not the perfume.
17th August 2020

I just can't believe how gorgeous my Oud Picante has aged. I'm a little dumbfounded , but with a simple pleasant smile . It's nice when things turn out like this.
25th January 2020
The opening is a draw for me as it replicates the fragrance and flavour of Preserved Middle Eastern Olive
Tapenade, all Salty, slightly Bitter, Alkalyn-ian, Nasturtium-like sans Fish. This assault remains in the background, throughout. Marries with Labdanum to have a Fantastic Leathery feel.
The Spices are so very blended as to have only the Nutmeg peek above, spreading its arms all round to create a Masala, Middle Eastern, Perfumed.
My mind is then drawn to the softly Ambered Leathery base. It is infused with wooded oiliness, creating an effect of sitting in a market sipping Luwak.
The Areej Oil stamp is upon this. Beautiful Masculine wearable.
16th April 2018
I have a large collection of Niche and Designer and it's very rare that I look forward to going home and trying out my latest purchase. Areej le Dore fragrances I can't wait to go home and try.
As many people know Oud based fragrances can be very divisive to people who haven't been exposed to this material and OP is not an exception. OP opens up dense, slightly challenging with an almost 3D rendition with the Oud shining like a star. 45 minutes later amber, labdanum and tobacco join in and last through out the evening and become a skin scent in the morning. The materials used are amazing as is projection and longevity. When I purchased off the website I could only get 10ml and now I noticed more of it is released so I have purchased two 50ml bottles, fragrances made this with quality ingredients are not very common and I don't want to have regrets. If someone likes oud I don't think you can go wrong buying this.
16th February 2018