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Montale (2021)

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There are 1 reviews of Oud Pashmina by Montale.

Pashmina, the super-soft cashmere fabric woven from the underside of the Ladakhi Changthangi goats, is as widely faked as oud, because the real thing (in both cases) is prohibitively expensive. Such fakery is par for the course for a brand like Montale and it matters little if the result is striking – I’ve had a few heart-stopping moments with the likes of Black Aoud and Spicy Aoud, so that’s all fair.
I was expecting something all fuzzed up with musk as a nod to the luxury fabric, but Oud Pashmina turns out to be a bit of a bruiser. What it does achieve is plenty of amber warmth radiating from its core and that, I suppose, will have to do as the pashmina reference. Otherwise, it is the usual deep, dark woods affair with some tannery leather at the start after which things get increasingly smoky and sweet. A smothering of cardamom-spiked vanilla tussles it out with the increasingly charred woody tones, the combatants evenly matched. The whole thing is bold, with plenty of thrust, but mainly good in small doses.
Aug 1, 2021

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