Oud Orange Intense fragrance notes

  • Head

    • coconut, fruits
  • Heart

    • bourbon vanilla
  • Base

    • musk, vintage oud

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Latest Reviews of Oud Orange Intense

BLUF: A quasi-ambery, quite sweet, easy-to-swallow (scent-wise) high priced consumable product that smells better than nothing.

Oud and orange are two things I don’t smell. The price is intense for sure, so I feel like I’m at least getting some truth in advertising.

I received a carded sample as a freebie during either a sale or swap here. I’ll never buy this, I’ll never wear it again, I’ll never recommend it, and I’ll never say I hated wearing it. This smells perfectly fine, as do 1200 other scents like it. I’m 98% sure a bunch are available at Zara for $25.

The overall powdery sweet amber gets a neutral. The price point throws it below the depths of a thumbs down. Rating scent here.
16th July 2022
This one was simply too sweet for me. I could have done for a bit of orange creamsicle with tropical nuances, but the vanilla was just too heavy-handed for my tastes.
15th May 2022

Truly interesting that they don't claim an Orange note, as I smelled it and thought (at first) that it was fairly artificial-- after the first spray however, I didn't really smell the orange anymore. I do get a fantastic honey nutty cereal scent that reminds me of when I would have Grape Nuts with milk and sugar as a kid. So far, my fave from this house.
17th August 2020
Gorgeous, pricy semi-gourmand-oud fragrance from the niche house Fragrance du Bois.

Oud Orange Intense...has no orange note in it! But hey, I have come to expect elite houses like FdB to throw such surprises at us! From my perceptions, it smells like a general fruitiness that may have orange, though this one is berryish as well. I think FdB is calling this an "orange" category scent, like one would say a fragrance is a "blue" or "red" or "black" scent.

Nonetheless, this is a really seaside type fragrance with the "Bain de Soleil" suntan lotion vibe going on! Oud is nearly invisible, though a microdot of its smokiness appears very briefly at times. It's a high-calibre showcase that indeed smells really rich and delicious, with nice performance.

Go decant for this one.
19th December 2018