Oud Monarch fragrance notes

  • Head

    • magnolia, frangipani
  • Heart

    • may rose, himalayan rose, cinnamon, tobacco
  • Base

    • oud, cacao, civet, castoreum, labdanum, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of Oud Monarch

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This is one of the better ones from the brand. A smooth, chocolatey oud, softened by some florals that never overwhelm the composition, and a fairly easy wear compared to some of the heavier ouds from this house.
26th May 2022
Very nice sweet oud blend. The oud here smells like it's blended with a black walnut oil as well although nothing like that is listed in the note breakdown. Must be the cacao blended with the vanilla and laudanum. It's smells sheer but also lavish at the same time. Does not remind me of ALD Russian Oud, but I definitely love them both. Russian Oud is thick where Oud Monarch is as I mentioned sheer and very wearable in my opinion. Definitely full bottle worthy to me.
12th September 2020