Oud Maximus is dedicated to the perfumer’s son, Maxim.

Oud Maximus fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, sweet orange, pink pepper, jasmine sambac, cardamom
  • Heart

    • rose de mai, himalayan rose, indian rose, hybrid rose, attar gulab, magnolia, frangipani, clove, tonka bean
  • Base

    • indian oud, oud roots trat, oud purple co chang (feel-oud), oud from sri lanka (feel-oud), birch tar, tolu balsam, vanilla, deer musk, civet

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The story i imagine is one of deep lover and lust, dark secrets,and tragic heartbreak.it is deeply pigmented oud, rough,sweetened with floral drenched animalic sweat,laid out over a winter time blanket softened with rose and musk,a warmth waiting for you to comfort you through the night,even though you know it is going to leave you next morning.it smells like love and pain.this is sensual with the perfect touch of skankiness.Mysterious Oud and this one they are very similar but i prefer Mysterious Oud as it is smokier and darker.

The scent is a dense affair that throws everything at you at once and then runs away and hides.it is high points are that it wears dynamically,has enough depth and form to keep you intrigued,and the materials are undeniably top-shelf.it is a rose-oud driven and over slightly animalic / slightly dry musks with some ambery woods and spices thrown in.the oud's fecal.to my nose two types of ouds, cambodia and india.the rose smells like a decorated otto,but the bitterness of the stem is background with the main emphasis placed on the sweeter headspace of the petals-an effect created through the inclusion of the other floral notes.the musks serve to sustain what quickly becomes a purr of a skin scent.
26th December 2021
Oud Maximus 2020, like other fragrances with the word "oud" in them, whether they are designer, niche, or artisan, unfortunately does not deliver any maximum amounts or impressions of oud. And for the steep price of this fragrance, lovers and seekers of holy grail oud scents would do better to purchase a nice quality oud oil from one of the best bang-for-your-buck vendors, Oudimentary, or even a rougher and more feral oil from Eden Botanicals.

But of course, Oud Maximus is not an oud only scent. There are tons of roses, other flowers, animal products, citrus and more. I'm just not convinced that this particular composition highlights the most interesting aspects of oud, since they're overshadowed by flowers and musk. Given all the roses that appear in Oud Maximus, I somehow still get prettier—but albeit aleatory—compositions the old fashioned Arab way by layering spritzes of rose solifores, swiping some oud, maybe adding some bakhoor burnt all over, etc.

For comparison, if you sample this fragrance and like its profile, I might suggest trying Ramon Monegal's Agar Musk. While it's true that this other fragrance is also overpriced, you'll nonetheless be saving yourself around 200 dollars and you'll get the same kind of oud-musk profile that's in Oud Maximus. In crude terms, it's a "dryer sheet" note, which in actuality I'm okay with. I just also prefer some soil, smoke, and waste in my life.
21st October 2021

The ultimate symphonic oud for true natural oud lovers. The initial blast is intense, funky, creamy Indian Oud. All animalic facets exploded with an acidic kick from the Bergamot and sweet Orange, than tweaked with the pepper and cardamom kick. The Jasmine rushes in to hit you with an Indole and BAM, before the first 20 seconds are up, the whole thing turns itself inside out and you get all the smooth polished aspects of the floral heart: magnolia, Frangipani, several types of rose, and a squeaky clean Jasmine... then finally the woody aspects of the oud come out in the base over a carpet of fluffy deer musk and vanilla. Birch tar and civet keep things growling, even in its purring stages.

My favorite oud of the Bortnikoff like and maybe of any. A beauty. As regal and shocking as Malle's The Night but at a fraction of the price. Truly superb.
4th September 2019
Not my cup of tea. Way too funky for my taste.
14th December 2018