Oud Khidr (2023) fragrance notes

    • wild Assam oud

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Yesterday Oud Khidr (2023) by EnsarOud arrived....and it was a complete dissapointment. You see, I expected to smell again the deep notes and the thick spicy Indian oud scent of Khidr. It was only a week before the oil was launched that I remembered - and instantly craved - the scent of Oud Khidr. And so I was excited when it showed up on Ensar´s website. But when it arrived it was a disappointing experience. It lacks the depth, the earthiness, the dark brown notes, the spiciness, and the deep barnyard vibe. It smells like Indian oud, don´t get me wrong. But it is full of rooibos and pollen... everything is glazed with these powdery wildflower notes. If this is is a successor to anything, it would be the successor to Assam 3000. Ensar´s scent memory must have failed him terribly. It just doesn´t live up to the marketing write-up. Not recommended, unless you loved Assam 3000.
8th February 2023