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Perris Monte Carlo (2012)

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Oud Imperial Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

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Reviews of Oud Imperial Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

Whoah!! Perris Monte Carlo's Oud Imperial EdP starts with a very boozy blast of typical old-school men's fougere scent elements, led by caraway, jasmine, and patchouli. Vetiver is quite noticeable, softened by the rock rose and sandalwood.

The oud element in this one, IMO, seems to be overshadowed by the sweet-spicy-woody elements that linger with FEROCITY in this EdP. Overall, Oud Imperial comes across as a beastly 1980's cologne that I've long-since moved on from (cf. Ralph Lauren's Monogram, which Oud Imperial smells SO MUCH like!) versus a classy, restrained oud scent.

Personally, I wouldn't wear this fragrance if I wanted to project anything resembling the ouds I'd experienced in other brands (i.e. Tom Ford, Gucci, Armani, Versace).
Nor would I wear it simply because its characteristic loud yester-decade personality is just not what I wear anymore.

An earthy and slightly rooty vetiver. This one is for the serious wood lovers. Nice, but not something I would see myself wearing often. Cooler weather fragrance. Sort of reminded me of an Amouage fragrance (due to the incense). Worth a try for sure!

Tis frag is really smells great, but I wouldnever wear it. If you have ever been in a wine cellar at the beginning of the harvest, you will know exactly what it smells like. Fermenting grapes and old wood casks. I love that smell of wine being born, but it is not the kind of smell you want to feel on you.

chemical, pharmaceutical intense oud... a bit reminiscent of Montele stuff, interesting and persisten the best of this line...intense but linear

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