Oud Fougère fragrance notes

    • North Malaysian Aquilaria Malaccensis oud, Irish Black ambergris, citrus, geranium, lavender, absinthe, galbanum, betel leaf, natural coumarin extract, oakmoss, patchouli

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Well...as often happens with me, my opinion of a fragrance has changed! LOL. I've been wearing my small sample of Oud Fougere over and over and I'm finding that any smokiness that seemed to be bothering me last year is definitely NOT bothering me now. This has quickly become my very favorite fougere! It just smells incredible and I can't quit sniffing my wrist each time I wear it!

Oud Fougere is a brilliant fragrance by Taha Sayed and I couldn't be enjoying it anymore than I am. Two thumbs up as high as possible!!!

Surprised I'm the first one to share some thoughts on Oud Foguere. Smells like burning oud wood through the whole wear. That is the main focus and aura in the opening to my nose. When the fougere elements begin to show through, they are extremely enjoyable, but they are literally peeking through a huge cloud of burning smokey oud. Over time the fougere freshness becomes more apparent, but the smokiness never leaves... interesting fragrance. I'm not a huge fan of really heavy burnt smells which I feel this fragrance has, so I generally need a sweet note like a berry or certain florals to help me through the burning stuff. I really do love the fougere elements in Oud Fougere, but as they are only a part of the whole experience I probably wouldn't buy a FB because of the domination of the smokey notes. Still this is obviously a very well made fragrance with a lot of upside for those who enjoy the smokey oud wood notes along with a fresh crispness from the fougere elements.
3rd September 2022