Oud Essentiel 
Guerlain (2017)

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Oud Essentiel by Guerlain

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Part of the Absolus d’Orient Collection

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Reviews of Oud Essentiel by Guerlain

There are 12 reviews of Oud Essentiel by Guerlain.

A simple oud and rose combo. The oud is a bit synthetic but it's tamed a bit by the sweetness of the rose. I found certain parts of the scent a bit harsh but it's a decent scent overall.

Rather boring Synth Oud

Got the brand accord of the Absolus d' Orient

Compliments Getter

All in All


I like this. Nothing like the usual rose Oud stuff as in it’s much more herby/smoky/medicinal to my nose. Hints of leather too with a sweet dry down.
Really good performance and sillage too.

The opening blast starts with a blast if a synthetic oud, loud and fairly intrusive. Soon a pelargonium develops that contributes a slightly minty nutmeg feeling with smidgeons of a slightly eucalyptus-like undertone appearing transiently. A saffron is also present a bit later after that; it brings a darker crispness to the top notes.

The drydown develops a darker rose that remains somewhat bland on me. Towards the base I get wood notes some cedar and a touch of gaïac, it mostly it is nonspecific. Touch of an incense - still a bit reminiscent of eucalypti, as well as a some scratchy dark leather appear towards the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and a splendid thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

This winter scent is composed of three major components: oud and leather, with the saffron initially, and then the woods, and finally the woods added in to give variety to the development of this creation; the other ingredients are more accompaniments than core notes. The oud is another, rather generic, laboratory oud, and the whole has a generic character most of the time. Its main plus is the formidable performance power.

Overall 2.75/5

Synthetic oud, which seems to straddle the line between the medicinal and rubbery variety. Reminiscent of the oud in Leather Oud. I like the sharpness that the saffron brings in the begining. The rose here is more tame than in other rose/ouds I have smelled, which lends this a more easily worn masculine vibe. It has a brown leather feel in the middle. The overall impression is a somewhat less "horse stables" Dior Leather Oud. Smells high quality, not cheap. I don't feel like there are any rough edges. Longevity and projection are both good. The dry down 4-12 hours later is a nice fake wood accord.

This is a beautiful scent for lovers of wearable ouds. It's not harsh or challenging as some synthetic or higher-end real ouds can be - no 'Barnyard' or 'Skank' here, to my nose. It's not cheap (but not exclusively elitist) so there may be some real oud in it but this is tempered by a touch of rose, saffron, and resins. A reasonably strong leather note reigns in the harsher elements of the oud also, as well as the presence of Cedar, another wood note perhaps diluting the potential of Argarwood to overwhelm.
I love Guerlain's perfumes. This particular fragrance's sister, Santal Royale, is equally good, but quite similar in many respects, but I ended up going for this one out of the two.
It lasts for a long time on my skin and has a continual billowing energy wafting it around, although this does not fill the room or cause folk to edge away, at least not in my experience. Having said that, it would be easy to overspray with this.
Overall. a lovely, quality blend for the cooler months and/or special evenings. Captivating.

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