Oud Deneii 
Maison Incens (2015)

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There you are baking in the sauna wondering if any of your blubber might melt (it doesn’t) and whether your brains might be in danger of drying out (they are), when along plods a fellow user and pours a cupful of aromatic water on the source of the heat. Whoosh – clouds of mentholated eucalyptus vapours fill the space and you might just as well have sprayed on some Oud Deneii. Except, of course it doesn’t convey the oppressive heat of a sauna, just that nostril cleansing vibe. Actually, it’s quite refreshing in a Vicks-but-kinder way.
It begins to settle around a light, sweetish woody backdrop, more reminiscent of a sandalwood aromachemical than oud, while hanging on to the health-and-fitness freshness of the start. It’s a rather simple perfume, without much of a trail (though you will smell it on yourself). Despite that, I enjoyed wearing it, though I would never consider paying niche prices for it.
Sep 19, 2021

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