Réminiscence (2012)

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Oud by Réminiscence

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Oud is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Réminiscence

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There are 1 reviews of Oud by Réminiscence.

Oud Reminiscence - Reminiscence
Kicks in with a blast of an airy transparent sour-salty mist and a warm sharp spicy mix of pepper, cardamon and safron with a hint of anise and chocolate. Rose/jasmine and some lavender absolute(?) takes over and gives it a little bit more sweetness and a slight soapy feel. Some associate-notes like 'rusty steel' and 'wet carton' join the party together with a plasticy- smooth 'fake' chocolate/pathouli combo and some heated up rubbery undertones. After this it gets rather tame at this point, a bit flat. Dry-out is rather cool and feels cold like stone but also salty-woody, soft-balsamic and bitter-animalic. It has a nice crisp cleaness to it. Uncomplicated, forgivable and friendly- this is probably the Oud-perfume that makes the most friends, men or women. Mild thumbs up.

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