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Rania J (2013)

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Oud Assam by Rania J

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Reviews of Oud Assam by Rania J

Lol.... A fresh cheesy citrus like barnyard smell assaults you on the opening. The oud does smell real and not synthetic even though it is hard to like. Smelling this in a western fragrance is kind of strange and you cannot help been repelled a bit by the smell.

After a while the cheesy barnyard aspect dies down and a cedar and vetiver note appears helping take the edge off the unpleasant aspect of the oud.

Eventually the scent transforms into a fresh woody and incense dominated oud fragrance making the scent more bearable.

If you like challenging oud fragrances then you will love the opening though for the rest of us just wait until the drydown. co-workers say the opening blast smells like buffalo dung. More precisely they say it smells like you pull some grass (that's the vetiver part) from the ground where the dung is and rub it between your hands. Well....they may be right since this is quite a 'real' smelling oud fragrance. It has confirmed my point of view though, that I prefer more blended and subtle oud fragrances, not the in-your-face ones.

It dries down rather quickly to a general wood-smelling fragrance with some spices and vanilla. Projection is quite good, but it is rather short lived on my skin.

The fragrance may give a realistic impression of oud, and real oud was probably used in the composition. But in the end it is not my cup of tea since I'd rather attract people than drive them away. Thus - a neutral rating.

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