Othoniel Rosa 
Diptyque (2020)

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Reviews of Othoniel Rosa by Diptyque

There are 1 reviews of Othoniel Rosa by Diptyque.

What's it with artists and watery roses (see also Bogue)? This is as, as Ditpyque put it, a peppery rose featuring woody vetiver inspired by French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel's work and in ‘collaboration' with him. The three components mentioned are pretty much it, with the black pepper more the star of the show than the rose – it is properly alive, as if freshly ground, and is a good reminder of why this is such a dynamic note in perfumery, if used correctly. But the rose is a bit of a will-o'-the-wisp, light, transparent and, ultimately, smelling diluted, almost a kind of rose flavouring. So while the pepper is ready to tango, the rose is having a snooze. Pleasant but unsatisfying.
May 16, 2021

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