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There are 10 reviews of Ostara by Penhaligon's.

One of the most delightful, multi-note perfumes ever, for warmer months. Why was this discontinued??

It is a garden of earthy delicacies. Happy flowers. Tiny sparkles of herbs. Bees, happily buzzing about doing their garden chores, building their best honeycombs. If faeries were real, they'd be flitting about sharing their songs of beautiful praise.

No overt anything, here. Just perfect amounts of flowers, herbs, and woods. It begins quite strong, then mellows. Notes that stand out the most for me: hiacynth, narcissus, violet leaf, beeswax, and wisteria - all are a tad stronger than the others, for quite some time. Hiacynth and wisteria combined, at times, remind me of lilac...

The base reveals for me, light vanilla and musk. Creaminess. Light amber, too. The base has no "darkness" to detract from Ostara's summery feel.
Apr 27, 2019

I wandered lonely as a cloud

Like Wordsworth we are in the middle of the English landscape surrounded by daffodils, breathing fresh air on an April early morning.
The sky is clear but there's a big cloud over us - is that the Poet?

The beautiful green opening that seems to transport us to the English countryside soon melts with the sweetness of the daffodils. It's an ethereal sweetness, never cloying, never heavy, but light, untouchable. It's sustained by wisteria and hyacinth and a distant hint of vanilla. It's a maternal embrace, like the one Wordsworth had to miss almost all of his life. There's a pensive feeling in the composition: without being sad or melancholic, it's as if we were wandering among the grass, caressed by the air, immersed in Nature and away from any distress.

I love this composition as it captures more than olfactive sensations, it's evocative, rich, multidimensional and utterly beautiful.
I do also love Wordsworth's composition, but it would be impossible not to, would it?

The green of the grass, the watery breeze, the intense scent of the daffodils, all of this is captured in the bottle .... yes, Ostara is a poem more than a scent. Or, not only a scent but poetry as well.

Feb 16, 2019

Opens with a bouquet of flowers where narcissus and daffodils are the most prominent. The flowers are paired with green grass and fresh mint. Very green and flowery, some bitterness also that counterbalances with a bit of sweetness. Smelling it up close has a dirty aroma, but that is a part of how the real flowers could smell to up close, so it's all good. Having said that, I enjoy it better from a distance. After a couple of hours the sweet notes are amplified and honeyed like. The dry down is less complex and not as appealing, sweeter; flowers are still there but muted, it's more of a vanilla ambery with white musk. This fragrance wears lightly.
Aug 14, 2018

I can't imagine anyone not smiling when they get the first burst of springtime with a spray of Ostara. It has a lovely honeyed narcissus smell, with some green keeping it bright. It's a heavy hitter for such a springtime scent, but is so beautiful that it doesn't get cloying. As an evoker of sunshine and spring flowers, I would put it almost on a par with older Diorissimo, except for that great green burst in the opening of Diorissimo. The green tinge in Ostara seems to strengthen later on and weave in and out over time.

It's the middle of summer here and I was a little wary of wearing it today, as I love this in late winter or early spring, when it brightens the day with the promise that spring is coming. It isn't as great in July as my memories of it on dank days in February, but it's still very good - somehow bringing to mind the feeling of expecting spring. Ostara is a ringer for the type of white narcissus with orange 'bells' I remember in my next door neighbour's garden in my youth. This is a real scent picture perfume but never seems flat - rather it's a lot of notes blended beautifully so that there are little jolts of different scents but individual notes rarely stick out.

Why it was discontinued remains a mystery, maybe because it's more of a perfume than the cologne scents that would normally be associated with Penhaligon's (in my little world anyway). Although it's an EdT it packs more punch than quite a few EdPs I've known.
Jul 5, 2017

Different. Unique. Kafkaesque and Bois de Jasmin have comprehensively reviewed Ostara with my experience being closer to Kafka's than Victoria's. She gave Ostara 5 stars; such bounty, from a fully trained perfumer and critic that it behoves us to examine Ostara as potentially great. I am bothered by the musk in the mid phase, as is Kafka, but overall it is a charming fragrance with a soaring opening. Imagine a perfect spring day, a fresh breeze on a hilltop, the grass a little too long and daffodils swinging their heads at the edges of a pond. You begin to run, kite in hand, and the heady scent of the grass mixes with the remaining headless narcissi stems. Up she goes and you stand to gain control, feeling the kite dip and surge higher. You smile broadly, compelled to by the sun on your face, eyes creased at the glare, and realise that you are giggling, no, gurgling, with pleasure.
Jun 23, 2016

A burst of sunshine tinged with green; that's my impression of this one for most of its duration. There's so much in here: sticky buds, tart fruit, citrus juice & petals, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, & I enjoy it more sniffed from a distance than closely analysed. It's slightly sharp, leafy, fruity & floral all at the same time, & doesn't change much in the drydown, except for the addition of woods after an hour or so. There's also an added sweetness to the floral notes later on, when the bitter edge dies down. The projection is low, & seven hours in it's almost gone.
After blind-buying this & wearing it several times, I'm still not convinced that it's for me, as green notes aren't really my thing. There is something compelling about it though, & if you're looking for a bracing green floral for spring, this might be perfect for you. But get it quick as it's already being heavily discounted, & showing signs of being discontinued.
Jun 1, 2016

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