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    • Ylang-ylang, rose, lemongrass, cut grass, patchouli, musk

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Perhaps the oddest of the Note di Profumum collection, OSA is composed of, per the notes list, Ylang-Ylang, rose, patchouli, and chopped grass. It certainly has a certain sharpness that screams ylang-ylang and chopped grass, but the rose and patchouli do at least anchor the mix in something more familiar to me.

Still, this one isn't quite for me. It leans feminine and is mainly a floral/green mix that doesn't quite suit my interests, bunt it's not as if it's intolerable. I could see it quite nicely suiting others, and the care and quality are obvious as with pretty much all Profumum fragrances I've tried.

It's my least favorite of the Note di Profumum collection, but since the collection is, on the whole, quite good, that's not intended to be aninsult

6 out of 10
17th July 2020
Lovers of ylang ylang take note, because this one is a real beauty. It does for ylang what Carnal Flower did for tuberose: sets it in a starring role, shining brightly in a constellation of notes that support it without ever detracting from it. For the first thirty minutes, the lemongrass adds a spicy citrus edge, before stepping aside to reveal a really beautiful ylang with the same "florist's fridge" feel that Carnal Flower is so famous for. It's like being adorned with fresh, living petals that have a coolness to them; they never become cloying or overwhelming even on a hot, humid day. Eight hours in, the flowers are joined by a vaguely earthy, mineral note like wet stones, & thirteen hours in the scent is only just beginning to fade.
I'm giving this one five stars, because not only does it smell amazing, but it projects & lasts like a dream. Highly recommended!
5th December 2018