Orris & Sandalwood 
Jo Malone London (2016)

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Orris & Sandalwood by Jo Malone London

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The scent was inspired by the iris root of Tuscany.

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Reviews of Orris & Sandalwood by Jo Malone London

There are 6 reviews of Orris & Sandalwood by Jo Malone London.

A fragrance that will entice your other half and make you more beloved in their eyes. Innocent on one hand but with a sexy touch, leaving those in it's presence wanting more! It has everything. The flowery burst that instantly acts like an antidepressant and self-eastern-booster, the spices that makes you feel sexy, the woodsy notes that want everyone to turn their heads and ask who is she?

Unisex in a feminine way. Smooth powdery orris, subtle geranium embraced with creamy sandalwood and musky notes of amber and musk who smells like the lovely moisturised skin of a clean hippy. Who cares if the ingredient aren't natural the end result is soft, long-lasting and pleasant. elegant fragrance gentle enough to be worn to office or a sunday roast with in laws but it's distinct enough to draw compliments from people around you. Sillage is moderate to low and longevity is 5 hours on my skin.

A rather bright violet greets me in the opening that is soon joined the the orris. The orris moves into the foreground quickly on me, soon given additional depth by a superimposed galbanum. A very nice and quite unusual approach.

The drydown develops a nice patchouli, which is on the bright side of the olfactory spectrum, which is related to a cypriol that also contributes a rich of cedar - again a light-hearted specimen. An ambery labdanum arrives later, and the whole merges into a refined mix.

The base is centers around a somewhat pedestrian sandalwood, which is given a slightly sweet tilt the the addition of an ever so discreet tonka hue.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and a very good nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a rather creative scent for warmer autumn days, with an original twist and, unlike other Jo Malones that are more designed for layering - good for standing tall on its own. The quality of the ingredients is quite enjoyable, but some notes are a but too lackluster. Still, overall a good result, and with a respectable performance. 3.5/5

Elegant oriental-woody-floral fragrance from Jo Malone's "Cologne Intense Collection."

Fragrance notes: violet, galbanum, geranium, orris, cyperus esculentus (Cypriol), labdanum, amber, sandalwood, musk

Orris and violet really stand out in this scent, together creating a sweet powdery quality to Orris & Sandalwood. Cypriol is an amazing addition, mimicking traits of vetiver, cedar, and patchouli. There is a definite "lipstick"-like nature to the overall scent. THAT may turn some guys off; I was able to overlook it and focus in on the the wonderful smokiness, slight sweetness, and creamy sandalwood.

Exotic, well-crafted and worth a sample!

Mmmm... I've been wanting to sniff this. It's a deep lipsticky orris and a smooth sandal undergirded with some cedar. So lovely! All the boys in my family sniffed it and sighed contentedly.

As it dries down, I get a faint breath of vetiver from it in passing, but when I bury my nose in it, it escapes me. Like most Jo Malones, this is not a big, hearty projector. It's the olfactory equivalent of woolen mittens, I think.

This could easily become a new cool weather favorite!

The woods base used in this is popular at the moment, but it doesn't hold up well to multiple wearings, in my experience. It doesn't smell any better at a distance than it does close up while wearing it, and I'm assuming it's a fad that will inevitably fade; the kind of thing that's fun for a while, like a catchy pop song.

The way the woods base is used here is nice, with a powdery iris (orris root), but the woods base is the dominant smell to my nose.

I guess I had fairly low expectations for this, but I've enjoyed it more than I anticipated. The orris (iris root) is the star at first, soon joined by well tempered sandalwood, the Australian kind that sort of smells like coconut water. They form a perfect pair, amplifying each other's strengths while negating the other's weaknesses.

There are other details as well, the most prominent of which is a nice ionone violet note which gives subtle brightness and loft while also contributing a quiet suede warmth. After a while, there are quiet puffs of pepper and smoke, and just a hint of vanilla. Hours in, a smoky, woody musk takes over, which is quite pleasant and better than expected.

In all, this is a really well designed perfume that smells much more expensive than it is, and was clearly put together with care by a good nose. Definitely worth a try.

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