Oropuro fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Amber, Vanilla
  • Heart

    • Bergamot, White musk
  • Base

    • Animalic notes, Civet

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Latest Reviews of Oropuro

A civet-heavy perfume that's also delicious? Laura Tonatto pulls off this trick as if it were all in a day's work.
The civet in Oropuro is immediately recognizable as the note familiar from the bases of numerous complex vintage perfumes, but here it is paired with an airy, sweet vanilla. There is a similar juxtaposition of the musks (arguably the main theme of this creation) with a warm, animalic musk note set up with the cleaner, fresher musks that pervade modern perfumery.
The end result is a creamy and sensual creation that brings animalic notes into civilized company; it isn't heavy or overbearing, but an assured update of some of perfumery's more neglected classic notes.
It may not be something to wear at the office but one could wear it to a party without coming across as being on the prowl. Indeed, the mood it creates suggests evening wear. Drops significantly in volume after about a couple of hours which, depending on your taste, may be either a good or bad thing in this instance.
May now be discontinued as there is no mention of it on Tonatto's website at the time of writing.
29th May 2015
Musk, Amber AND Civet all in one? How naughty! Well, not really - the Bergamont is a strong scrubbing presence throughout this racy number, and the whole mix has a unisex appeal and a refreshing summer and spring zing that makes it right for multiple locations, even in the office (use a light touch). Wrist-sniffing addiction is a certainty; I can close my eyes and channel a tuxedo-clad Marlene Dietrich in this one. As with other concoctions by the famed Nose, this Laura Tonatto fragrance has a wonderful rounded softness in the background that speaks of cashmere and trust funds. Even if the civet is synthetic, it and the vanilla do a good job at presenting themselves most naturally. This soft, barely-there vanilla joins the rich comforting amber for a quiet, ethereal background that makes Oropuro a true cut above. Just lovely, redolent with old-time glamour, and disarmingly racy.
17th April 2009

I can see how Marlen would find this similar to Or des Indes, but to my nose Oropuro is not as powdery or feminine as that. It is heavy, there is plenty of vanilla, and it is sweet, but it is also smooth with a spicy exotic touch and an animalic presence in the base. In some ways it reminds me a bit of a spicier Habit Rouge, without the citrus component, and with a bit more of an ambery drydown.
7th March 2007
Heavy vanilla oriental scent, reminded me of MPG Or des Indes though not as powdery. A bit too cloying for my tastes.
17th January 2006